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Hi svet!

Regarding your first post...

It is possible that a MyFax Representative was unable to respond to your web chat request in a timely manner, so we certainly apologize. Actually, we’ve just extended our web chat hours! So feel free to stop by, or call us with your questions.


Hi again svet,

This condition refers primarily to extraordinary circumstances, such as an area code change – something that’s beyond our control, unfortunately. Rest assured, MyFax has never changed a customer’s assigned fax number! Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We'd be happy to help.


Thanks for your comments about the test drive feature. We've found that the best way to explain the service is to show it in action, and are glad you agree.

You have control over the fax header. It includes standard information like the date and page numbers, but you control the 'from text' in the header.

We don't share the email addresses, or fax numbers of our customers with anyone, ever. (See our privacy policy). We don't send faxes as part of our marketing programs, ever.

Your comments about the address book, and selecting the fax number, have been passed to our development team. We typically provide 2-3 major upgrades each year (at no charge, of course). Currently, the fax number is assigned as part of the registration process, and not chosen in advance.


Kintoro, thanks for your kind words about the support team. We do indeed offer free 24 hour support for MyFax (by real people) and get a lot of positive feedback for doing so. Of course, the overnight team is smaller than during the delay, and some calls/chats might get missed, but we do respond quickly to emails and messages.

And thanks for choosing MyFax. The customized cover page is a new popular feature that gives lots of flexibility.

MyFax introduces Internet Fax Services for Corporate Users

In response to increasing demand from our users, the MyFax service has been expanded to better meet the needs of corporate users with on-line administration tools and web reporting. An excerpt from the press release is below, and full information can be found here MyFax Online Fax for Corporate Users

(Excerpt from press release follows)

MyFax for corporations is an extension of the company’s extremely popular MyFax service for consumers, home offices, and small business offices. The corporate version is designed to meet the needs of businesses in the financial, insurance, healthcare, real estate, and government sectors with large user deployments that send and receive thousands of faxes each month. Businesses can send, receive, store or forward faxes securely without fax machines, dedicated fax / phone lines, long distance phone charges or fax modems. Subscribers can access their fax communications from anywhere, at any time, the same way they access their e-mail.

With no hardware or software to install, business capital expenditures are reduced, with a savings of 85% on upfront costs and 34% on ongoing monthly costs versus a conventional fax server. MyFax provides on-demand capacity and scalability, enabling organizations to process high fax volume requirements at anytime of the day, with no need to provision extra lines for peak delivery periods.

It’s easy to make false postings here, and even to initiate nuisance suits that keep some lawyers busy. Fax spam is a genuine concern – nobody wants to receive unsolicited faxes. I've copied here a recent posting from the MyFax blog.

MyFax and Your Privacy - No Spam!

We’re frequently asked about whether we ever disclose your fax number. (The concern, of course, is about becoming a recipient of unsolicited faxes.)

Our answer is very simple - no!

· We don’t disclose your fax number.

· We don't send you faxes.

· We don’t disclose your email address.

· We don’t allow advertisers to email you.

Our business relies on happy customers, and so we maintain a very strict privacy policy

Unsolicited faxes might still reach some of our customers – mainly when an unscrupulous advertiser has identified a block of numbers that are faxes. We’ll help you switch to a new number – at no charge – if this happens to you.

I have had my fax service for exactly one year. I have no real issues in that year. I have received only one fax in the past 12 months that was a spam fax. I have been able to save space by removing my fax machine from my business. I no longer need a separate phone line for faxes and thus need only one phone line - a big savings. It is very convenient to have faxes appear in my email.
I send faxes by scanning all the documents first and then attaching the scans. It is a bit time consuming but then i send very few faxes. I much prefer myfax over the efax service i previously used for the following reasons.

1. Pay annually with an 800 number included.
2. No necessity to download or fool with any proprietary software. i send all my faxes direct over the internet with no problem.

I recommend this service for any small business that receives more faxes than they send and for anyone who wants a fax service that can be used while on the road.

Here is my experience with myfax: I'm trying to send directly from Office Word 2003. When I send from word, it says I need to sign up and takes me to Microsofts site. When I click on myfax, it takes me to the myfax signup (I'm already a customer). I email support, and 2 1/2 hours later, no reply. I call tech support, after 10 minutes of recordings of how important my call is, I am transferred to voicemail. I surf around trying to find the answer, and shopping new fax services. I call tech support back, 10 minutes on hold again, and back to voicemail where I tell them to cancel my account. Surfing around again, I end up back at the myfax home page with the sales chat on the left side. After a few minutes, a chat window pops up asking if it can help with anything on that (the contact, not just sales) page. I take the bait, and the following chat sequence takes place:

Susan: Hello, Gary Johnson. Can I help you with anything today?
Gary Johnson: How do I send a fax from Office 2003 Word?
Susan: are you already a MyFax customer?
Gary Johnson: yes, 315603, not happy, sent an email 2 1/2 hours ago, called tech support twice and after 10 minutes, sent to voicemail
Susan: ok. this is sales, so i am unable to help. you will need to call support @ 866 669 3290 or you may email them @
Gary Johnson: did you read my previous message?
Susan: yes, did you read mine saying this is the sales department?

I said I had tried by phone and email, and she tells me to do just that. My response was inappropriate, but not any more than hers. i did not ask that chat window to open, and I knew the chat bar on the left was just sales, but when it opened, I thought I might have found some help. Also notice that the (canned) first line says can I help with anything?

It's now been 3 hours since my email to support. Glad I was just trying to test the Word to fax function.

Gary Johnson

Sorry for your experience. We have updated our Microsoft Office pages so that it is clear that existing MyFax users don't need to signup again. You can just configure your account to enable the Office integration.

We recently introduced a new web interface called MyFax Central, responding to lots of great ideas from our customers. You can visit MyFax Central, and check out our tours.

MyFax Central lets you customize MyFax:

add more email address to send faxes from,
have faxes sent to additional email addresses automatically
upload your own cover page, or customize one of the existing designs

MyFax Central Provides Easy Account Administration:

check your current usage, and account statements
add another fax number or user.

Send and Receive Faxes Online

send from email, or login to send online
your last 31 days of received faxes are stored in MyFax Central

We just closed our account at MyFax (Proteus) after a truly horrible and educational experience.

Last week we needed to send three signed documents, which means they had to be scanned. This is a very graphics-intensive place and we know plenty about scanning, Photoshop, Quark, what have you... So when we tried eight different times to send these three documents (scanned at 100dpi and saved as both jpegs and tifs on a PC) we were not happy to discover that they would not go. Not even the cover sheet would get completely "through" to the recipient. It seems as if something (we think we know what) locks up the MyFax system and simply closes the transaction down.

We called MyFax Tech support last week. The first guy said they don't support jpegs so use tifs (not true, the 48pp pdf documentation clearly states that they support jpegs, tifs, and about 40 other formats), the 2nd guy said it was all our fault since we clearly had renamed the file extensions from jpegs to tifs (that is really an insult - we are not that stupid) and then hung up on us twice, the third guy (head of Tech Support) pretty much said he had no idea why we could not fax. We gave up, but not before sending off a polite email to MyFax asking for help and for a complete explanation of how one is expected to go about getting a scan into their system. Still haven't heard back -- six days later.

What standards do they want? The head guy said the likely culprit was us not scanning the documents as "1-bit files"....hello? That is the rough equivalent of comparing 8-track tapes to CDs. 8-bit grayscale scans at a dpi of 72-200 go all over the world every day. And if it needed to be "1-bit" then why is that not announced in the FAQs or in the documentation?

I just asked a fourth tech support guy this morning about required standards for scans and he had no idea. You can guess the conclusion: we hauled our old "real" fax out of the closet, plugged it in and canceled MyFax.

Moral: it is not a question of who is right or wrong, but how your problem is handled. We were treated with arrogance and contempt and brushed off at every juncture. Just now we tried to reach someone further up the corporate food chain and were put into a phone mail queue to leave a message. Want to take odds on them calling us back? In the (better and more enlightened) corporate world it is called "Taking ownership of a problem." No one at MyFax wanted to deal with us; therefore the only thing we can do is walk. Deprive them of our money and perhaps if a few thousand others do the same they might wake up and do something.

It is our belief and opinion that MyFax is a giant waste of money and time and that you would be far better off spending five minutes with a real machine instead of five hours dealing with their non-existent customer "service".

I am in the process of researching Internet Fax options for my satellite office. is by far the most promising.

My concerns are that I presently receive massive spam faxing. If that were to happen on a MyFax account, what are the processes to remove them and how high would a person's bill sky-rocket after the first 100 (free) pages came through?

Thank you!

My pFax account recently migrated to MyFax and I am incredibly disappointed. I had pFax for 3-yrs without one issue. Now, I am not receiving all my faxes and when I contact the Help Desk they informed me I needed to document via email each fax that was sent, confirmed to the sender yet not received by me. I accumulated 4 confirmations and forwarded the information to Support at protus. I never received any acknowledgement. When I contacted Support again, they had me resend and then informed me they needed the make and model number of the sending fax machines. That's ridiculous. The same fax machines have been sending me faxes for 1 or more years through pFax and now the only thing that's changed is the migration to MyFax. As soon as possible I will be finding another fax to email provider.

Hi M. Trend,

I have used myfax for two years and until recently I can say I am quite dissapointed. My account ws deactivated and I was told to contact a specific number to haave my account reactivated. I use my account for education registrations throughout the year. Everything was fine until this crisis hit.

I received an email with this statement...This message is to inform you that your MyFax account # 0000000 has been deactivated. Please contact us if you would like to reactivate your account. You can reach our billing department at: 1-888-733-0000 x 672. MyFax Billing.

I have called 5 times leaving a message for someone to please contact me. The message on myfax voice mail states that someone will get back to me as soon as possible. All of my incoming documents are tied into the myfax system. I was unable to save any copies.

What suggestion can be given when MYFAX billing does not return the phone calls or e-mail?

Please advise!

Hello Mr. Smith,

I thought I was the only one speaking to Myfax voicemails and not getting a return message. I am sooooo dissapointed.

As you put so eloquently,
Moral: it is not a question of who is right or wrong, but how your problem is handled. We were treated with arrogance and contempt and brushed off at every juncture. Just now we tried to reach someone further up the corporate food chain and were put into a phone mail queue to leave a message....

Although you made this comment,Mr Smith... It worries me as I wait after 7 days of no return call.

I have always had such high esteem for MYFAX. We paid out so much in faxing and it is so sad to see their customer service not return our call.

We are waiting to be advised....

I have received several proposals from other online fax companies.

I am Very dissatisfied with Myfax.
Over the past two years the interface has not evolved one bit:

Must choose country code or enter '1' to send a domestic fax. The service should be smart enough to know this, or at least prompt the user when entering info

When your fax fails, you cannot simply edit the fax (for instance, to put a '1' in front of the number) - you must start at the beginning

You cannot search for a contact in address book- you must scroll through all addresses

You cannot send a new fax to a recent recipient.

These are basic things, and it's very frustrating to have to spend 10 minutes sending a fax that should have taken only 30 seconds.

Just a note that Protus (MyFax) was purchased by J2 last year. For more info on that transaction and current state of the enterprise fax provider space please check