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I am the VP of marketing and business relationships for Data Fabrication. I'd like to post an overview of our ClickFax Pro product. Of course, I can answer any questions anyone has as well.

Like many services, ClickFax Pro allows you to send and receive faxes over the Internet. We have pricing plans as low as $3.50/month, and our pricing is flexible and configurable according to how many faxes you send and/or receive.

In terms of receiving, we have 90+ local area codes, as well as toll-free (see the link above).

In terms of sending, we offer all of our customers our ClickFax Pro Control Panel software, to make faxing anywhere from a few to thousands of faxes very quick and easy.

Our software links live (i.e. no messy importing) to nearly every address book around: Outlook, Exchange, Access, Excel, Goldmine, QuickBooks, etc. It also comes with its own Word mail-merge feature.

Like other providers, we do have an email-to-fax option as well. You can send an email to [FAXNUMBER] if you don't want to use the Control Panel software.

We have plans that work for individuals, small businesses, fax blasters as well as corporate accounts.

Our customer login section allows you to view your complete fax history, view PDF versions of the faxes you received, and many other options.

ClickFax Pro has no contracts, you can cancel at any time, and we have a money-back guarantee.

You can visit our site for more information, or to contact our team with additional questions:

ClickFax Pro internet fax service

Here is an overview of our costs. We allow all of our customers to "build their own plan", which you can do from this page:

Click here for internet fax costs

We also have another product that is not listed in this directory. If you want to fax or email, in batch, from your accounting system, our PDFBlaster product is perfect for you:

Click here to visit PDFBlaster

The faxing does go over the Internet, and it does a lot more than that.

If, for instance, you have 100 invoices to send to 100 recipients... it takes them all with one click, figures out which need to go out as fax, email or both, figures out the correct recipient information, and sends it! No muss, no fuss.

Quick note from the guys at ClickFax. We've changed the name of the product from "ClickFax Pro" to simply "ClickFax". The program, pricing and all of its functionality will remain the same, of course!

Our new URL is:

newbie and Jay:

We're actively working to find a good way to handle the file size restriction.

For starters, we accept almost every file type. So if you do have a 5MB+ file, I'd recommend you try to decrease the size of the file, or use another file type (PDF, JPG, etc.) You can usually make a 20 or 30 page PDF about 2 MB.

The problem is that very large files are often unreliable in terms of sending to our servers, and then faxing out.

I think you'll find that even if other services or software don't have a restriction, you'll still have trouble with files that large.


Our comparison page is supposed to be a quick overview of our features. We find that sites like are better for an all-inclusive, feature-by-feature comparion-- there's really no way we can find the time to do that massive amount of research.

I do think you'll find that- especially with our flexible plans, and ability to build your own plan- that you can generally create a much more affordable plan than other offerings.


Please understand that our goal is to keep prices down as much as possible.

Because the sheer majority of issues people bring have can be solved easily, we try to move them through email support. The fee for live support is meant for larger corporate accounts who need custom support.

Our other option would be to charge *everyone* more to handle the phone support for a few customers.

We rarely take longer than a few hours to answer any email.


I am sorry you feel that way in general, but please do understand the specifics of our support system:

1. Personal email support is completely free, of course. As well, we have an online support/help/FAQ system. The sheer majority of issues with our software (and I imagine most other Internet Fax providers) can be handled through email.

2. We never charge for any sort of billing issues, even if its phone based.

3. To keep costs down, we try to handle support through email. Otherwise, we'd naturally have to somehow charge a little more to *everyone* to cover the support costs of a *few* people.

4. Our $50 support is intended for large accounts that are installing on 25, 50, 100 computers and require that level of complex support. We don't expect the bulk of our customers to ever need to use this.

5. We don't look to make money on support at all. We merely want to cover costs and not have to pass costs of large customers onto you!

Thank you for your comments.