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efax free
Gives users a free inbound number for personal use only. Users can't choose the area code in which their number is assigned (i.e., if you're in New York you might get an inbound number in Montana...). Requires a proprietary viewer to view faxes. Service provided in some countries outside the US.

efax plus
Inbound and outbound service. Subscribers can select the area code where their inbound number is allocated. Monthly subscription for inbound is $12.95 in the US. Service provided in many countries outside the US. Requires a proprietary viewer to view faxes.

Outbound faxing to the US is 10 cents per page/minute. Faxing to international destinations slightly expensive. Faxes can be submitted through the following interfaces: efax Messenger, email, or web-based interface.

E-Fax- $12.95mo, $12.95 set up fee. Gives you a local fax number. Sending- $0.10 per page; Recieving- Free (if you read customer agreement, states you shouldn't recieve more than 300 pages). Currently offering 30 day free trial


My paid number stopped working over the holiday, and hasn't worked consistantly since. No warning whatsoever--they don't think there's a problem.

Customer service is nonexistant. Their phone number for support, 1-323-817-3205 , often does not work. In my experience, when it does work, it rings though to an indian call center whose CSRs cannot speak clear English.

Their email support is utterly non-responsive.

Signed up for the free service. I don't eed to send faxes, so free services are good for me. Works pretty good. I like the way the free software they offer works. Incoming faxes tell you how many pages you have received.

On a Macintosh running OS 9 on Outlook Express, I can't see the attachement (due to the included HTML screen they send with the fax...this could be particular to my own system) unless I forward the message (not actually forwarded, just going through the first step), then the EFAX HTML screen is gone. Could turn off HTML viewing in Email, I suppose. OS X on the Apple Mailer works fine. PC works fine in Outlook Express.

didn't notice in the agreement that you are supposed to only get 20 free faxes per month. I got a warning at 38 faxes. The warning said that I need to sign up to the Efax Plus service to get more than 20 per month. I am still receiving faxes regardless. They may try to bill me for the "beyond 20" amount. Don't know yet.

Overall, this has been a good service. I think their Efax plus rates are high at $12.95 US per month. I am pretty sure my local phone company does it cheaper (not to mention that it would become part of my regular phone billing...convenience!), along with a number of other fax services.

[Post deleted - No negative "testimonials" by competing providers, please]

The only fax i got from efax is the introductory fax and a couple of junk faxes. It says i got 20 pages in fax which i'm still trying to locate cuz i got only 2 junk. I downloaded their proprietary software which was supposed to check if i had any faxes, but the link takes me to some dumb page that doesn't exist. Now how do i get my fax? I don't get it in my email i can't check it from their lousy software either.

I wonder if these FREE services makes you tear up your head. :angry: You get so frustrated with these online faxing services going around on the net that I've been forced to settle down for the even lousier, ugh, physical fax.

I have a solution. Ban this outdated technology called fax and email the attachments. Most people in north america are luddites and so guys like me have to suffer this dodo called fax. The idiots who send fax must realise that it costs money for faxing, harms the environment (more paper), is slow, uses proprietary software and can't be linked or merged into a database if you need. I could go on and on but fools can't understand. :rolleyes:

Efax back in the day made me an offer of a local fax number, in exchange for my spamming my friends and giving them referrals.

There was never any time limit mentioned, but last month, they said my local number would be ripped off unless I paid them, because of a "shortage of 425 area code numbers".

Hehehehe, they keep spamming my other efax number with "we have a bunch of new 425 area code numbers, just pay us a ton'o cash".

When I finally talked to someone down there, J2, who took them over said TS, sucker, we don't honor old deals.

Totally without support, totally without integrity.

I had to look them up on INFO USA to get the corporate number, all other numbers lead to dead ends.

Be afraid, Be very afriad of these guys.

No integrity.

Efax is completely unreliable. They sometimes charge up to $0.30 per page for a normal (no graphics) fax to a local number and cannot explain why their transmission took so long. Customer support via the Web is of NO use. Voice customer support is up to 15min wait time to get someone who can't understand English. Then they give some lame cookbook answer, and request that YOU check YOUR local telephone provider for problems. 40% of the time I get "unsuccessful" transmission because the number is "busy" with no way to resend. I get the same message when I have someone on the phone standing next to the fax machine I am faxing to and it's not even ringing. Sometimes the email saying "unsuccessful" comes up to 3 hours after you sent it via email.

When getting frustrated with their customer NONsupport person they ask to transfer you to their "2nd Level". "They currently have a 30min wait period. Would you mind staying on the line?" NO

Look elsewhere for quality service and support.

efax sucks?

Funny (?) two-part story titled "efax sucks" on one person's blog detailing how he tried to disconnect from the service:

eFax sucks - part 1 eFax sucks - part 2

I love my efax service. I have had efax plus for years and have had absolutely no problem with it. And I'm really happy j2 Global Communications bailed eFax out by acquiring the company, because j2 is financially strong. The best part about eFax is I can store my faxes electronically and can easily forward them to colleagues by simply forwarding the email. It rocks and is well worth the money!

Efax! i called to cancel them, they offered a reduced price, i told them not interested, then they said at least wait until the end of the trial period. i say NO NO NO!!! when a company doesn't let you go, i won't ever go back there again, i'm sick of the yeah-but, yeah-but, cancellation BS

Customer service at efax is non existent. You get a string of "robot" replies to your emails and voice mail to your calls which no one replies too. All I wanted to do was to change the email address on my account and other account information. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

eFax is by far the worst company I've ever had to deal with! I set up an account through my office - should have known then that they were bad news! It was like pulling teeth to get them to set up a billing system - at least a half a dozen calls. On almost a monthly basis, after sending payment, I would receive an email verifying that the payment was received and then just a day or two later I would receive another email stating that I was overdue. A number of times they shut off my service. It would take sometimes 30 minutes or more ON HOLD (not toll-free) for them to reinstate me for their error. I sent a letter to sales and copied the Chief Marketing Officer - no reply. After almost a full day online and on the phone, I finally was able to cancel the account and was told a refund for the balance of my annual subscription fee would be issued...in 90 days! I just got off the phone with them...90 days later - big surprise, the refund hasn't been issued yet!

I agree with the previous posters, Efax's customer service is terrible, not to mention their upsell techniques are a little draconian.

I asked someone multiple times to resend a requested fax only to find out that Efax had shut off my service due to "non-compliance" on their free account. Of course, I didn't find out they had deactivated my account until I called them to report a non-functioning number.

I had unknowingly exceeded the 20 pages a month limit last month. Seems I received 26 pages last month, the first time I've exceeded 20 pages since I first activated the service back in 2000. I would have expected a nice email from them offering to upgrade my service with a special low rate. Nope, they just turned the service off with no notification. Now that's a way to make your prospective paying customer happy!

I've decided to go back to the physical fax machine (since I have a multifunction on my desk). I don't receive that many faxes, and I'm unwilling to tolerate poor customer service (a career of solving customer service problems decreases your own tolerance for poor customer service).

I've been an Efax user for a year and a half, and just recently my account has blocked some people from being able to fax to me. It's hit or miss - some people get through - some don't. I've tried emailing Efax, and their response had nothing to do with my problem. I tried calling their sales office but can't seem to get anyone that speaks English clearly!! Very Frustrating!!

Efax the service was great. Efax the company stinks to high heaven. The customer "service" doesn't exist. The call center is in India, and they absolutely cannot speak anything close to the sort of English a typical United States resident is expecting and can understand.

The billing department is, in my opinion, fradulent and unethical, because every transaction seems to be screwed up in one way or another.

Because the service is so useful and the theory that you should be able to receive faxes via e-mail is an excellent one, we stuck with Efax for three years. No more. The relationship is permanently over!

Here is a chat I had with efax.com today. I barely used this service but was forced to upgrade from the free service because I had too many incoming faxes (all from their sponsors). Can someone recommend a good inexpensive send and receive fax email service?

Please wait for a site operator to respond.You are currently number 1 of 1 in the queue. Thank you for your patience.
You are now chatting with 'Greg C'
Greg C: Hello, Karen. Welcome to j2 Global online live support. I am Greg, your Online Live Support Representative. How are you doing today?
Karen Atherholt: I would like to cancel my account: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Greg C: I am sorry to hear that you wish to cancel. Could you please provide me your PIN for verification purposes?
Karen Atherholt: Sorry - that was my phone, I would like to cancel this fax account - (xxx) xxx-xxxx - eFAX pin # xxxx
Greg C: Thank you for the information. Please give me a moment while I quickly check your account. In the meanwhile, may I ask why you are canceling your fax account?
Karen Atherholt: Too expensive. I did not realize it was $12.95 per month, I though that was a yearly charge and I barely receive or send enough faxes to warrent that kind of expense. When I had the free service I was notified my account would be cancelled if I didn't upgrade. On the free account - all I received was faxes from sponsors - thus increasing my non-existent activity on the account
Greg C: Thank you for waiting. I have located and verified your account.
Greg C: I have just checked your account. Our records indicate that you have been our customer for quiet some time now.
Greg C: You have already paid for the current billing cycle.
Greg C: You can at least use this service till the end of the current billing cycle.
Karen Atherholt: Please cancel the account when possible. Is there a confirmation number? Thanks.
Greg C: As a goodwill gesture for our further association, I would like to provide you with 2 months credit.
Greg C: You will not be charged any monthly fees in this 2 months credit period.
Greg C:
Greg C: Since you will not be charged any monthly fees for the next two months you may keep the account till then. In the meantime, you can re-evaluate your faxing needs.
Greg C: If at all you find that you need our services during this period, then you will still have the account. If however, you still feel that you do not have any use for our services by the end of the two months credit period, then you can always contact us back anytime to confirm whether you need our services or not.
Karen Atherholt: OK, I'll give it another evaluation after 2 months and will let you know then. Thank you for your time.
Greg C: I'm glad that you have decided to stay with eFax for another 2 months. I'm sure that you will have a great experience.
Greg C: Is there anything else, I can assist you with?
Karen Atherholt: That's it.
Greg C: It was a pleasure assisting you.
Greg C: Thank you for chatting with us. Goodbye and take care.

So as others have said, it is very hard to cancel service - but after I find a better service - I will change.

I have been an eFax user since they first came online several years ago, and and eFax PLUS user for the past 2-3 years. I have generally been quite satisfied with the trouble-free service I have received. My primary complaint is the high rates they charge, both monthly and per-fax, which I consider to be very steep. Since I am only an occasional user (faxes are going the way of pagers nowadays), I am considering cancelling my subscription for the fees alone.

I recently tried to change my assigned fax number to a local number (as offered to Plus subscribers), but found I couldn't do it online without adding an extra number for an extra charge. So I tried calling customer support but got annoyed by the chatter and long wait, so hung up and tried the Live Chat feature. However, once I got a "live person" I was told to call Customer Support or try to do the change online.

Another call to customer support resulted in a poor voice connection which required me to ask the rep to often repeat what he was saying. His English was accented but very good. I lost connection, but received an immediate email with my new number. I have no problems with call centers anywhere in the world as long as the service and connection is good.

My only other complaint is the eFax Messenger software. It does permit you to scan and fax from your scanner, and to use custom cover sheets. But its interface is clumsy, and it displays annoying animated advertising at the top. Paid subscibers should never be forced to view ads.

I have since cancelled efax.com service today - but again they tried to offer 2 months of free service, but it would be up to me to remember to contact them again to cancel. I found the best way to contact them is online chat at 8am Eastern time. I finally got an affirmation they would cancel my service. I signed up with http://www.packetel.com at $3.95 per month to receive unlimited faxes. I can use Windows Fax Console if I need to send a fax or go to the drugstore and send cheaply from there. My main concern was being able to receive faxes from my customers. If you sign up with packetel - let me know and I can send you a link where you and I would receive 1 month free service.

Check out www.rapidfax.com

Transcript of client's chat with efax customer service rep, attempting to cancel efax service: Neowin.net

The software was buggy on several computers. The website intermittent. The customer service unholy. The fax number was always busy.

If you want to get jerked around by crappy software and unconcerned customer service (I got to second level support before I canceled), it's a great way to spend 5 hours.

Tip o the day: DONT USE EFAX. Just learn from their marketing campaign.

Efax is a miserable provider. I signed up for their free service, printed the number on my business cards, gave it out, etc. Months later, when I had grown to rely on it, it suddenly ceased working. Getting through to support was a huge hassle. They said I had violated their new "fair use policy" by using more than 10 minutes (or some small number) during one month. They held my number hostage -- saying they would only give it back if I pay them. Screw that! I have no objection to paying for services, but for them to offer it "free" and then demand money once people grow to rely on it is dispicable. I will NEVER go back to eFax and am now looking for a new provider -- I'm currently leaning toward Faxxis but am still deciding.

I signed up with http://www.packetel.com at $3.95 per month to receive unlimited faxes. I can use Windows Fax Console if I need to send a fax or go to the drugstore and send cheaply from there. My main concern was being able to receive faxes from my customers. If you sign up with packetel - let me know and I can send you a link where you and I would receive 1 month free service. I have been very happy with the service.

EFax Plus service sucks. Consumers Beware. They charged my account without asking. The customer service people were BEYOND rude at me for stating that. I have to go through legal routes to get my bank charges back from EFax. EFax and all its stock holders and employees are people without hearts. They take from the unknowing. They don't tell you they take out your money until you call and complain. Annual Subscription to a online fax service!?!? Especially one that costs $139.99. That is unheard of!!

EFax J2.com Sucks
EFax J2.com Stinks
EFax.com J2.com Sucks
EFax J2.com Stinks
Stay Away From EFax. They take your money illegally!
EFax is the biggest scam ever!

Signed up for plus service with a number in Hawaii, the number never worked correctly for incoming faxes sent by me and others as test faxes, the number rang and answered like a fax but would give line error reports on each of the sending fax machines. Customer service was no help, after 3 days I cancelled service and am looking for a more reliable service with a Hawaii local number. :angry:

EFax Plus service sucks. Consumers Beware. They charged my account without asking. The customer service people were BEYOND rude at me for stating that. I have to go through legal routes to get my bank charges back from EFax. EFax and all its stock holders and employees are people without hearts. They take from the unknowing. They don't tell you they take out your money until you call and complain. Annual Subscription to a online fax service!?!? Especially one that costs $139.99. That is unheard of!!

EFax J2.com Sucks
EFax J2.com Stinks
EFax.com J2.com Sucks
EFax J2.com Stinks
Stay Away From EFax. They take your money illegally!
EFax is the biggest scam ever!

Please if you value your money, stay away from EFax & J2 !!!

[B]Are there any class action law suite against EFax & J2 . If so please contact me.

If you would like to pursue a class action law suite against EFax & J2, Please let me know also.

I have had numerous criminal actions from EFax.com.


Are there any class action law suites against EFax or J2? If so please contact me. . If you would like to start a class action against this company please let me know.

EFax is the worst company I have EVER dealt with.

They take money from you $127 without warning. They said I messed up when I didn't read the small print?! Oh really!?

EFax & J2 should be put out of business to prevent future crimes against customers.

Who knows how many other customers EFax frauded.


We are a UK business client of EFAX/J2 and received an email stating our account had been upgraded without interruption to our service..... since then we have not been able to send a Fax, we have been asked for credit card details from the US via email, when we pay by direct debit in the UK!!! They are not aware we are a Anytime100 user!!! Our account has been frozen!!

They have changed the format of fax via email so UK customers now have to prefix all number with 44 and add @efaxsend.com instead of @fax.efax.co.uk - this means a business like ours has to change each individual client contact as a result - we have thousands of clients on our database....

Contacted their call centre who were polite but did not understand how much extra work this involved, did not know about the price package we were paying for!!! We also paid £20 for a professional voice mail message – this disappeared for a week without notice, their call centre once again was not aware of the service….

Efax used to be a fantastic service and product; I would now not recommend them to my closest competitor

EFAX IS A MESS thanks to J2 Customer service is APPALLING

We set up Efax for our law firm and printed stationary. About a month later, faxes from some numbers stopped getting through. I don't know if it was the fax machine or the phone number. Their customer service told me I was the only one with this problem, it's nice to read these posts to see I'm not insane.

It'll cost a lot to redo stationary. I'm not looking forward to dealing with these guys to cancel (from other posts, it looks like I need to cancel the charge card it is connected to).

Where should I go next? I want a 216 area code that actually works.

Karen Atherholt, did the service you mention solve your incoming problem?

I found this link which might be helpful to others as frustrated with efax as I am:

It looks like an investment banker's analysis of the company. It includes a bunch of phone numbers, including a toll free one that you can reach customer service through.

1-888-438-5329 is the HQ phone number, you can reach customer service through it.

I can be contacted at

Once I find a good alternative, I'll post it here. I should have my verification email by then so I can join the sight.


I was one click away from signing up for eFax, when I decided to do a google search on "efax sucks" and "efax alternatives". Needless to say, there were a lot of hits out there.

A humorous interaction with their "live chat" customer support in Bangalore sealed the deal. They guy couldn't understand a word I was saying.

I don't know about you, but I've spent ENOUGH TIME already in my life on customer support phone numbers trying to get service.

And no thanks to "negative option" payment plans than you can never cancel.

This company operates some form of scam: I was billed over $450 for 150 faxes - which according to their advertisement should be 0.10 a page...

They have no existing support in the USA, but connects to India where they keep connecting you everywhere else and know nothing. I was finally transferred to their 'level 1' which consists of a single oriental (every time you come to level 1 its the same Oriental who answers!), who of course will never adjust a bill or correct anything. I was lied to and said the charges were so high "because the content took too long to transfer". All my receipts showed that each fax took no longer than 5-20 seconds to transfer, meaning they should have cost 0.10 cents per page and in actuality I should have been billed $15. I was billed over $450.

Dont sign up for this service unless you receive free faxes or use only a handful a month. You'll save hundreds of dollars buying a fax and sending them through normal phone lines. 40-50% of receiving and sending faxes fail because they are digital and not real phonelines. We missed on many customer responses, even inspite of the high charges we were billed. Complete scam of money. It is unbelievable to me that they have good reviews.

To assure this was not a single incident and a coincident of an otherwise good company, we have tried this company for 48 months. Always the same thing. There is no customer support to really help you; email support is hardly ever answered to; your fax number is always busy to those trying to fax you; there is no US-located person or office to speak to; everything is outsourced and a total scam. If they screw you of money, there is nothing you can do and you are stuck with the bill.

The first and only time I heard of Efax Service Plus was when my credit card provider told me that ESP had charged $149.95 to my credit card. Until someone explains what happened, I'm assuming ESP was attempting to defraud me.

Guys, I am sorry that you had this bad service from Efax. I am the CEO of Comodo and one of the companies we own is a company called Trustfax (as you might have guessed is a direct competitor to Efax). We launched a totally new business model by giving toll free numbers and charge $9.95 a year for the service plus $0.10 per page sent/received. Yes, compared to $12.95 a month that likes of Efax charge, its an unbelievable value. However the point is obviously our friends at Efax must have felt threatened and started to flex their legal muscle on Trustfax!

Just to let you know that Trustfax will NOT be threatened nor moved from its goal to replace Efax as the No 1 provider of faxing services with a much better value offering and with an unparalled customer care.

Efax, you can try but you can never win!


Unless these guys have done something truly momentous in the last three months, they continue to remain below the bottom of the barrel in my book. I signed up for their prepaid cheapo service a year ago, only to find out that it was wasted money, since I could not send attached PDF documents. I lived with my error, deciding that I would simply use it on the few occasions I'd need to send a text message, which I could type into the window, stupidly believing that the cash paid would sit in the account until used.

Three months ago, when I finally had a need to send a simple text message, I found out that my socalled escrow was gone, and could not find anyone to agree to refurb the account or refund it. Some trial account that was. The experience sure made me want to sign up to fork over even more dough for their premium service, not!

So, I did a search for alternates and reviews, and found MaxEmail, and it knocks the socks off of eFax. I can fax just about any document and do much more, all for $14.85 a year. The more expensive services are beyond my needs, since I only use fax for those businesses stuck in the dark ages when paper was king, and ripping trees out of the ground to mulch and bleach, then fill with mostly useless information, and finally to fill landfills across the planet was our reason for living.

Avoid these clowns.

You have to play hardball. They should know that a reversed charge costs them a nasty service fee (anyone who's had a merchant account knows that). Thankfully I read about their cancellation crap before I got in touch and went right for it.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.You are currently number 1 of 1 in the queue. Thank you for your patience.
You are now chatting with 'Amy R.'
Nick: I would like to cancel my efax account
Amy R.: Hello, Nick. Welcome to j2 Global's online support. I am Amy Roberts, your Online, Live Support Representative. How may I assist you today?
Nick: I would like to cancel my efax account
Nick: Please respond, I'd like to cancel my efax account.
Nick: Why aren't you responding.
Amy R.: I'm sorry to hear that you wish to discontinue your fax account. Could you please also provide me with your plus account fax number and the PIN associated with it for verification purposes?
Nick: XXX
Nick: XXX
Amy R.: Thank you for the information. Please give me a moment while I quickly check your account in our records. In the meanwhile, may I ask why you are discontinuing your fax account?
Nick: It was for a client that I no longer work with.
Amy R.: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Amy R.: I will be right with you.
Nick: OK, nothing complicated, would just like to cancel.
Amy R.: We do understand that you currently do not use the service very often. In the current scenario, as a special consideration, we would like to offer you 2 months credit towards your monthly fee that is $25.90. This way you will be able to keep your local fax number, which will enable you to send and receive any pending faxes with your number. You will also be able to use all of our services and re-evaluate it for your faxing needs. During this period, you will not be charged any monthly fees. Would you like me to update your account with this offer?
Nick: I want to cancel my account immediately and do not want to hear about any other offers or anything else except cancelling my account right now.
Amy R.: I surely understand your decision to cancel. However, since you will not be charged any monthly fees for the next two billing cycles you may keep the account till then. If at all you find that you need our services during this period, then you will still have the account. If however, you still find that you do not have any use for our services by the end of the two months credit period, then you can always contact us back anytime.
Amy R.: If required, you will still have the account handy. If not required, then you would have nothing to lose.
Amy R.: Be assured you will not be charged any monthly fee during this period.
Amy R.: As a goodwill gesture we will also credit your account with $10.00 gift usage balance, with which you can send uptill 100 pages of fax free of cost during this period. We are making this suggestion with your best interests at heart.
Nick: You have a script, that's great. Cancel my account now or I reverse the charges via my credit card company.
Amy R.: We respect your decision to cancel your account now. As you wish, I will cancel your account now. We are very sorry to hear that you are leaving us. We will cancel the account immediately. If ever your faxing needs change, please do consider our service. We will be glad to have you as our customer.

I find the software confusing with too many steps to send a fax. Works OK as an incoming only service, but now the junk faxes are becoming a pain. Support by e-mail or phone is weak, techs aren't knowledgable. Overall, I wouldn't use this service again. I'm looking at others to choose a new service.

just been had by EFax - and they charged me close to US$50

any suggestions?

Wow!!! I was about to sign up with efax and am I glad I found this website first! I will probably go with maxemail, if that doesnt work I will go with myfax. And to think I almost made a huge mistake. I also had been considering send2fax, but I see that is probably not wise. This site is truly defining how the web can be a wonderful tool to share opinions. There is a need for more accurate opinion site like this. Watch for schills definitly but a boatload of negativity can only mean one thing--WATCHOUT!! That is truly the power of interaction that the web provides. I set up the website keepdaveonxm.com in an attempt to let allow a company see that the way they run there business impacts the way we think about the company. I know efax has seen this forum, but I wonder if they even care what we think. As long as they continue to seperate people from their hard earned money, they will not change. Sites like this need to be seen and heard. Rip off companies should not go unpunished!!!!! Years ago I had a Cellular One phone and along with thousands of others, I was disgusted with the quality of their product and customer service. Their reputation was so bad, they had to change their name. They are now Cingular. I think they upped the quality of service but that does not recoup my hundreds of dollars they stole from me. Had I known they had such a bad reputation, I would have been able to avoid such problems. Maxemail may not be the best, but at least I didnt get jipped by efax! Thank you Joe!!!!!


Last summer I opened a "Plus" account. Cancelled it by voice in the Fall 'cause I never used it. They've been been billing me every month since then despite the cancellation.

Watch these bums.

Well, my free eFax just quit working...the line won't answer any more. I've had this account for probably 5 years and it has worked fine all along. When I contacted customer service I received an email that said I had done one of the following things:

1. One or more of our advertisements were reported as an unsolicited message. (SPAM.)
2. Your e-mail provider bounced 20 or more messages from eFax.
3. A link at the bottom of one of the eFax advertisements was clicked requesting that we cease sending you advertisements and requesting the termination of your Free service. The link stated "If you wish to opt out of third party advertising, you may upgrade to an eFax Plus account. Or you may unsubscribe and close your eFax Free account.".

I'm positive that none of the three things they listed has happened. I understand the ads are what get me the service for free, and I have my ISP set to deliver ALL mail to my account, no matter where it came from or what it is.

They went on to say:

If you would like to retain your current number you will need to upgrade the account.

i.e. if I want to keep this number I will need to start paying. This appears to be a thinly veiled attempt to squeeze some cash out of me. As far as I'm concerned they can take their service and cram it.

Anyone else with a free account have this happen to them?

Uninformed and unsupportive indian call center operators who knows nothing more than prescribed answers. Spoken with 2 different women who barely spoke english. Not very helpful and I still cannot receive my fax.



its a long story so I will leave most of it out.

basically if there are problems it is almost impossible to contact them... when you do contact them you will probably wish you had tried banging your head on the wall instead.

the software is horrible. (full of ads, cannot save changes, cannot edit, archiving is very time consuming).

they will not send me an invoice for their charges so that I can put it through my business.

they insist my account is free even though it cost me £7.50 per month.
I have had to send copies of my credit card bills to their office in california to prove they are taking the money off me, i dont suppose they will take any notice.

I am cancelling my credit card.

thats the short version.
Never ever get involved is my advice.
:ph34r: :angry: :(

Efax SUCK..
I get a free account and give it a shot and after a while decide I want to pay for it, so i go ahead and try and pay without success, I speak to live support that copy and paste me about efax services when i'm askign questions.

I eventually get somewhere and while they are trying to process my card, which is not declined due to an error i have as it;s a chareg card loaded from epassporte.com, then they suspend my account.

I wrote them a mail and they replied with this JUNK and had no help or service at all, how can people base their business on a company as SLACK as EFAX


Thank you for contacting eFax Customer Support.

Please note that your account is not set to be paid with a credit card, but by either check , MO or wire transfer.

We suggest that you speak to one of our Customer Service representatives regarding this issue, you can reach us at 1-323-817-3205 (Monday to Friday, 5:00 AM-8:00 PM Pacific Time).


- Carl P.
eFax Customer Service

Press Release: eFax Introduces Enhancements to Free Service

LOS ANGELES, Oct 05, 2005 eFax today announced that it has introduced two major enhancements to its innovative eFax Free® fax-to-email service: fax numbers matched to a customer's existing phone number and online fax storage.

New eFax Free customers in the USA now can search eFax's inventory of numbers for one that matches four or more digits of their existing phone numbers -- office, cell, fax or home. These "matched" eFax numbers are easy to remember and thus easy to use. Following a successful beta trial in the third quarter, matched eFax numbers are available at www.efax.com.

eFax has also launched a new beta trial of online fax storage for eFax Free. Selected customers will be able to access their faxes through the eFax Message Center -- an online repository -- in addition to receiving them in their email inboxes. Faxes will be stored at www.efax.com for seven days following receipt, providing access when the customer's email is unavailable or if a fax was mistakenly deleted. Additional storage -- as well as other value-added features -- are available through upgrades to eFax Plus® or eFax Pro™, j2 Global's commercial solutions.

They are horrible as a service. I keep getting faxes that are not for me and getting charged. I also tried to cancel 2 times and they failed to cancel me each time and continued billing. The call center in india required me to get very hostile and offensive to get this account canceled. I detest companies that make you cancel on the fone like aol and efax. If you can buy it online you should be able to cancel online. I think these folks are dishonest and evil.

Reported them to BBB



Here's my read on eFax. I've been a user for a long time. I've had to register and get a new number three times, each time because I had exceeded the twenty page limit for free service, each time through no fault of my own.

1) My initial impression was that the service was advertising revenue supported, but I think even if that was initially correct, they have "drifted" into a different model.

2) They are nearly impossible to reach, and when I did reach them to complain that all of the faxes cited in terminating my service were unsolicited junk faxes - they could not have cared less.

3) This leads me to believe they perhaps are nothing more than a front for junk faxers, or that they have some sort of commercial relationship with these spammers.

4) Notwithstanding item #3 above, I now note on their site they offer to attempt to do something about the junk faxes you receive, but:

A ) In exchange you have to assign to them your right to a recovery under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and;

B ) They do not appear to be offering to count these unwanted junk faxes in offset from your 20 pages per month limit.

5) Their fax viewer loads on startup and it has no easily discernible means of discontinuing this. To stop it from doing so requires fairly substantial effort by end users. It is not impossible to keep the item from starting up when you start the computer, but they make it hard to do so.

I am preparing to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Texas Attorney General's office (Deceptive Trade Practices Act), asking them to review the practices of eFax. While the arrogance cited by some posters is not atypical behavior by spammers in dealing with persons telling them to put you on their "Do Not Call List," it has been my experience they act entirely differently when the FTC or a state AG sends them a letter and/or calls. It is my hope that one of these organizations will jerk eFax management's rope hard enough they straighten up and start paying attention to their customers, and put some transparent business practices into place making it easy to use their service, or flat out cancel their "free" feature.

In closing, I well appreciate that nothing of value in life is free. If eFax's business model was not working by trading advertising revenue for the "free" accounts, they always had the option to cancel that package and go to fee only. If they instead started trying to enhance revenue through collaboration with spammers, this is unethical in my view. My suggestion to everyone - DO NOT USE EFAX.

Best Regards,


I had my own dreadful experience with the eFax customer service.
I was recently charge more then $300 for some mysteries services, the invoice was hard to decipher, cluttered with “service adjustment” items.
In response to my eMail I was requested to call the call center.
The rep on the phone started with reading out to me a standard text of the screen, this took several minutes and was not less confusing then the bill itself.
It was only after I had interfered that she was willing to investigate the issue.
At that moment I was so much frustrated that I decided to cancel the service.

Stay away!!