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efax free
Gives users a free inbound number for personal use only. Users can't choose the area code in which their number is assigned (i.e., if you're in New York you might get an inbound number in Montana...). Requires a proprietary viewer to view faxes. Service provided in some countries outside the US.

efax plus
Inbound and outbound service. Subscribers can select the area code where their inbound number is allocated. Monthly subscription for inbound is $12.95 in the US. Service provided in many countries outside the US. Requires a proprietary viewer to view faxes.

Outbound faxing to the US is 10 cents per page/minute. Faxing to international destinations slightly expensive. Faxes can be submitted through the following interfaces: efax Messenger, email, or web-based interface.

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efax sucks?

Funny (?) two-part story titled "efax sucks" on one person's blog detailing how he tried to disconnect from the service:

eFax sucks - part 1 eFax sucks - part 2

I have since cancelled efax.com service today - but again they tried to offer 2 months of free service, but it would be up to me to remember to contact them again to cancel. I found the best way to contact them is online chat at 8am Eastern time. I finally got an affirmation they would cancel my service. I signed up with http://www.packetel.com at $3.95 per month to receive unlimited faxes. I can use Windows Fax Console if I need to send a fax or go to the drugstore and send cheaply from there. My main concern was being able to receive faxes from my customers. If you sign up with packetel - let me know and I can send you a link where you and I would receive 1 month free service.

Check out www.rapidfax.com

Transcript of client's chat with efax customer service rep, attempting to cancel efax service: Neowin.net

I signed up with http://www.packetel.com at $3.95 per month to receive unlimited faxes. I can use Windows Fax Console if I need to send a fax or go to the drugstore and send cheaply from there. My main concern was being able to receive faxes from my customers. If you sign up with packetel - let me know and I can send you a link where you and I would receive 1 month free service. I have been very happy with the service.

Guys, I am sorry that you had this bad service from Efax. I am the CEO of Comodo and one of the companies we own is a company called Trustfax (as you might have guessed is a direct competitor to Efax). We launched a totally new business model by giving toll free numbers and charge $9.95 a year for the service plus $0.10 per page sent/received. Yes, compared to $12.95 a month that likes of Efax charge, its an unbelievable value. However the point is obviously our friends at Efax must have felt threatened and started to flex their legal muscle on Trustfax!

Just to let you know that Trustfax will NOT be threatened nor moved from its goal to replace Efax as the No 1 provider of faxing services with a much better value offering and with an unparalled customer care.

Efax, you can try but you can never win!



its a long story so I will leave most of it out.

basically if there are problems it is almost impossible to contact them... when you do contact them you will probably wish you had tried banging your head on the wall instead.

the software is horrible. (full of ads, cannot save changes, cannot edit, archiving is very time consuming).

they will not send me an invoice for their charges so that I can put it through my business.

they insist my account is free even though it cost me £7.50 per month.
I have had to send copies of my credit card bills to their office in california to prove they are taking the money off me, i dont suppose they will take any notice.

I am cancelling my credit card.

thats the short version.
Never ever get involved is my advice.
:ph34r: :angry: :(

Press Release: eFax Introduces Enhancements to Free Service

LOS ANGELES, Oct 05, 2005 eFax today announced that it has introduced two major enhancements to its innovative eFax Free® fax-to-email service: fax numbers matched to a customer's existing phone number and online fax storage.

New eFax Free customers in the USA now can search eFax's inventory of numbers for one that matches four or more digits of their existing phone numbers -- office, cell, fax or home. These "matched" eFax numbers are easy to remember and thus easy to use. Following a successful beta trial in the third quarter, matched eFax numbers are available at www.efax.com.

eFax has also launched a new beta trial of online fax storage for eFax Free. Selected customers will be able to access their faxes through the eFax Message Center -- an online repository -- in addition to receiving them in their email inboxes. Faxes will be stored at www.efax.com for seven days following receipt, providing access when the customer's email is unavailable or if a fax was mistakenly deleted. Additional storage -- as well as other value-added features -- are available through upgrades to eFax Plus® or eFax Pro™, j2 Global's commercial solutions.


Here's my read on eFax. I've been a user for a long time. I've had to register and get a new number three times, each time because I had exceeded the twenty page limit for free service, each time through no fault of my own.

1) My initial impression was that the service was advertising revenue supported, but I think even if that was initially correct, they have "drifted" into a different model.

2) They are nearly impossible to reach, and when I did reach them to complain that all of the faxes cited in terminating my service were unsolicited junk faxes - they could not have cared less.

3) This leads me to believe they perhaps are nothing more than a front for junk faxers, or that they have some sort of commercial relationship with these spammers.

4) Notwithstanding item #3 above, I now note on their site they offer to attempt to do something about the junk faxes you receive, but:

A ) In exchange you have to assign to them your right to a recovery under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and;

B ) They do not appear to be offering to count these unwanted junk faxes in offset from your 20 pages per month limit.

5) Their fax viewer loads on startup and it has no easily discernible means of discontinuing this. To stop it from doing so requires fairly substantial effort by end users. It is not impossible to keep the item from starting up when you start the computer, but they make it hard to do so.

I am preparing to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Texas Attorney General's office (Deceptive Trade Practices Act), asking them to review the practices of eFax. While the arrogance cited by some posters is not atypical behavior by spammers in dealing with persons telling them to put you on their "Do Not Call List," it has been my experience they act entirely differently when the FTC or a state AG sends them a letter and/or calls. It is my hope that one of these organizations will jerk eFax management's rope hard enough they straighten up and start paying attention to their customers, and put some transparent business practices into place making it easy to use their service, or flat out cancel their "free" feature.

In closing, I well appreciate that nothing of value in life is free. If eFax's business model was not working by trading advertising revenue for the "free" accounts, they always had the option to cancel that package and go to fee only. If they instead started trying to enhance revenue through collaboration with spammers, this is unethical in my view. My suggestion to everyone - DO NOT USE EFAX.

Best Regards,


I tried the Free service and cancelled it. I still get spammed by them. Here is the beginning of the spam I just got from them...

From: "eFax"
Date: 9 August 2006 14:31:26 GMT-07:00
Subject: Get your COMPLIMENTARY Subscription to Computer Shopper!

Get your COMPLIMENTARY one-year subscription to Computer Shopper!

Looking for a magazine that gives you the most informed buying
advice, recommended upgrades, and help with shopping for today's
latest technology? Computer Shopper provides dollar-wise deals
and every issue features direct buying deals on all kinds of
hardware, software, and more!

That's 12 full issues! Best of all there's NO PURCHASE NECESSARY
and there's NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED to accept your subscription.

-- snip --

After trying the free service, I made the mistake of trying the paid service. I was hoping it would be better... The quality was unbelievably low. Sometimes it would take days for faxes to get through, if they got through at all. Customer service was hopeless and often rude and dismissive.

If all this was not enough you should have seen how difficult they made cancelling the paid service. It took several phone calls and finally I had to tell them that I wanted to immediately cancel and if they did not immediately cancel I would inform the credit card company and have any future charges reversed. You would think that would work and the account would cancelled. It did not. It took another 2 months to finally get these idiots to cancel the account.

I still get email spam from them on a regular basis...

I highly advice everyone to block the mail server mx3.efax.com.

efax is now charging 16.95, not 12.95


Got an email from eFax yesterday saying that they were upping my monthly charges from $12.95 to $16.95 - that is a 31% increase - without any explanation or anything - so I immediately came to this site - and after some reading decided to go with TrustFax (price and toll free number at less than half eFax's new rate) - and immediately cancelled my eFax account - both by email on their site and and responding to their price increase email-

Will keep you in touch with how they treat the cancellation-eh!


We are an annual prepaid customer. Recently, as occasionally happens, our incoming faxes exceeded our allowable monthly usage and we had extra charges. eFax disabled the account until I paid the extra charges with my personal credit card. Note:

1) They already have our money for monthly service into late 2008.
2) Their email claimed nonpayment, though due date on bill is November.
3) The charges were only a fraction of the prepaid money they ALREADY HAVE.
4) Bills have lousy detail, took 11 days to tell me what extra bill was even for!

I suggest you look elsewhere if you are considering eFax for your business. How can a business rely on a fax service that gets turned off on a whim? Who knows how many faxes they caused us to miss.

We have been with them for over 3 years, and this is the second time they have done this to us. It will be the last time, that's for sure.

I really like the Free efax service. The separate program needed is
a little hassle, but everything works very well. I had three accounts,
two for business and one for personal faxes for a while. When the
business faxes hit the quota ceiling, we decided to get a business-class
service. Unfortunately, Efax is too expensive with too many limits.
I went with SmartFax...unfortunately, Smartfax fails too often. I still
keep efax free for personal faxes...works great!

An update to this post on efax. Their Free inbound number is much less than 300 pages a month. In fact its more like 20. Additionally their paid service only give you about 160 pages inbound included with the package and NO outbound included. Efax has a great service with lots of features but they are expensive at $16.95 for their cheapest plan.

There are many other choices out there today that may or may not fit many users better than efax.

Nick V

Free service worked great. Very convenient. I only used it during the free promotion, but it seems like a worthwhile service as long as you don't want to cancel your account.

But watch your credit card charges carefully and be prepared to dispute fraudulent charges, because they won't let you cancel your account. Ever.

After attempting to cancel using the web interface, I have talked to them on the phone and via their online chat tech support service. They promise to cancel your account, but next month you will see another "12 *EFAX PLUS SERVICE" once again on your credit card bill.

Any lawyers out there interested in a class action lawsuit?

Efax is not just another faxing service. You can actually send fax as well as receive fax online for free. Thanks to their free trial plan which can help anyone to try them before buy the plans. Sending fax is now no expensive job and can be done right infront of computer.

eFax Investigation

Hi, my name is Michelle and I am an apprentice at Balestriere Lanza, a trials and investigations law firm in New York. Our firm has been investigating eFax's potential misconduct for several months and would be interested in hearing more from you about your experience. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience at , or call Analyst Sarah Goodman at (212) 374-5400 x 132.

Efax cancelled my free account for no reason, yet I am still getting spam faxes. How is it no one can fax me except spammers? Shame on you Efax.

I have used E-Fax for years. They used to be the only game in town but now there are options. Their prices keep going up and their service just keeps getting worse. Their tech support is in some third world country and their reps are surly and don't speak American English.

The last straw for me was when we upgraded our network to Windows 7 64 bit and discovered that they don't support 64 bit OS's and apparently have no plans to do so. How 20th century!

Unless you plan to stick with old technology forever and like to pay a lot for poor service, do NOT touch these people!

When my annual plan expires, I'm gone!


Superfax is a new generation Internet Based Online Fax Solution that provides you the flexibility to send and receive faxes directly through email.No need of fax machine/telephone line /papers/ink/access anywhere in the world.

Scammy. They make it almost impossible for you to cancel. Avoid.