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I've used faxaway for 2 years. Voice mail and faxes sent to my 206 area code number come through promptly and clearly. I'm happy with the quality of the service, and especially the price of $1/month.

I'm using another fax service (packetel) at $3.95/month but they provided a local number. Their quality was good too (including PDF faxes), but I've decided to save the cash and just use faxaway. I have low inbound-only fax volume, and faxaway suits me.

I've been using Faxaway for seven months now - both sending and receiving fax.

I found that the quality of sent and received faxes are better when I use pdf rather than TIF.

There's one odd thing I've noticed though. I paste my signature (either gif or jpg) on letters that I have to fax. I've noticed that when I create a pdf file using Acrobat, the pdf file that's created looks fine. However, when the pdf file gets sent and then received, the pdf file that's been received doesn't show the signature. Instead, it has the entire rectangular area (the pasted gif/jpg image) blackened.

I don't have this problem when I create the pdf file with SoftPDA - i.e., the pdf file that's received shows my signature, not a black rectangle.

:huh: I used to be a client of faxaway when they did not have the $1 monthly fee.

Can anyone tell me why a user from Italy cannot setup an account online?
They ask you to send FAX of an application form with a photocopy of the credi card!!!

Don't they know that it is unwise and dangerous to send front and rear copies of credit cards?
Don't they know that there are reliable credit card processing bureaus?

Has anyone understood or worked out why Faxaway has this limitation?

Judging from what I have read here there are no cheaper Fax services. I only need it to send faxes to several countries not to receive them.

Thanks to anyone that can shine some light....

I am considering faxaway but when I went to apply for an account I received a message that the application could not be completed online and that I should fax (ironic) a printed application "along with a clear photocopy of the front and back of your credit card."

This seems a little fishy to me, especially sense paypal's FREE merchant services should eliminate any need to process accounts this way.

For those who are current users,
Did you sign up this way? Does this sound fishy to you?

Please let me know!

Maybe it is to limit the amount of new accounts?

I've been using them for several years. They seem to be a small operation and a bit inflexible in how they deal with credit cards, but I think you can trust them. I've had no problem with quality. And the price is great (even with the $1 monthly fee that was introduced after I joined).

You currently can't fax to Italy: faxaway removes the initial "0" of the area code after the country code, which is correct (if someone is stupid enough to include it) for UK, Germany, and some other countries, but fatal when trying to fax to Italy. I've pointed this out to them and they say it is a "US dialing rule" which is ridiculous -- someone there is none too bright. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.