I have been looking into fax services online and Faxmicro seems to be a good deal with their low-cost toll free number service.

The only problem is that I currently have a smartfax account and I HATE it. Faxes constantly get chopped off or mis-formatted. Sometimes they even completely disappear.

Now, the reason why that affects my thoughts about faxmicro is that I suspect that they use the same network. I already know that their customer service reps online and on the phone are the same (a rep told me). Also, the print drivers used to convert documents into faxable pages are the same for both services.

So, I was wondering has anyone who is reading this used faxmicro? What have your experiences been? Is it reliable and stable? Also, has anyone had similar experiences with smartfax?

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Hi, I have been using Fax Micro for almost 5 months now and I don't see any problems with it. As far as I know they have the cheapest rates in the business and the service is reliable. Maybe except once or twice though when I was still setting up. But for me, I really like their referral program! I have referred a lot of my friends and some associates to Fax Micro and so far I have been earning extra income because of that.

I have been using Smartfax over 5 months. This company may be tied with Faxmicro, they were using the same print driver when I first signed up. When everything was working, it was nice. However, some incoming faxes began to not come through. Also, their print driver stopped working all together! Their technical support is pretty much non existent. (over seas call center & barely speak English) "try reinstalling the print driver" I did many times... nothing! Not calling back as promissed, trying to get you to hang up and try to reinstall the print driver every time you call, I am looking for another service. DO NOT USE SMARTFAX!

Faxmicro seems ok for me. Well it's not perfect they do have down time and sometimes their downtime has terrible timing. Just when I need to send something important.

But all in all, for what I'm paying them and what I'm getting in return, it is actually a good deal in my opinion.

I don't know much about that Smartfax brand but if they're the same, probably sister companies or maybe direct competitors stealing each other's stuff. hehehe.

Back to topic, looks like they revised their website and their control panel. Looks and performs better now. But don't take my word for it. I think they offer a trial period. You can just try it for a few days and if you don't like it, nothing lost.

Customer Service --the worst possible
Attitude--they didn't care that their mistake had cost me money, time and inconvenience. No effort or interest in assisting at all.

I've used several fax services and most have worked pretty well. I needed a tollfree fax number for mostly incoming faxes so FaxMicro looked like a good deal for $9.95 mo.

I signed up, and sent the new fax number to my printer to be included on a brochure. BAD IDEA. Despite a "congratulations page" with my new number from their website. When I inquired the next morning as to why my number wasn't working.

They gave me a number (picked from their list) that they didn't own. THEN they wanted $50 to try and get the "vanity number" for me.

Basically, they didn't care about the inconvience and printing expense to me. They wanted to extract more money to even think about correcting their mistake.