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Emphasize business fax services.

Have a developer interface API that allows connecting to the service from scripted applications.

Interfax offers:

1. Outbound fax service from $0.07 per page to the US.

2. Inbound fax service in various locations: US, UK, Japan, Germany, Israel (as at June 2004).

3. A powerful developer Web Service Fax API, which allows programmers to send faxes from within any development environment, such as .NET, JAVA, PHP, ASP, or any SOAP-enabled scripting environment with just a few lines of code. Joining the developer program is free at

4. Integrated faxing from within Office 2003. Use Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. to send faxes from the File menu.

Adam M

New inbound feature enhances privacy

InterFAX announces the introduction of a feature designed to enhance user privacy. The new 'Delete fax after completion' feature, previously available for outbound service only, is now available for inbound service.

When this feature - which is off by default - is activated, inbound faxes are deleted from InterFAX servers once they have been forwarded to the subscriber. This means that no fax image history is retained on InterFAX servers, making private correspondence safe from potential hackers.

The feature is a natural add-on to Interfax's Fax API, as it allows this global privacy preference to apply to all outbound faxes - whether sent from desktop email or through the Fax API.

PDF-formatted inbound faxes now available

Interfax has introduced a new feature, whereby inbound faxes may be received as PDF files, alongside the option of receiving them as TIFF files.

This feature was added in response to problems encountered by clients who had installed image editors on their computers, which had 'hijacked' the TIF file association, thereby opening inbound faxes in a wrong application. Apple's QuickTime is just one example of an application with this behavior, which then does not properly display multiple-page faxes.

PDF is a very portable and well known format, whose reader is freely available for download.

Inbound privacy feature found useful by healthcare providers

The Interfax 'delete fax after completion' feature is developing its own fan club with clients from the US healthcare industry. These clients have found the feature useful in complying with US federal regulations mandating the handling of patient-identifying information.

Clients can elect to have Interfax delete faxes holding patient identifying data once these have been sent or received. This means that Interfax offers a fully HIPAA-compliant fax service.

The feature has been put to use by hospitals, practices issuing prescriptions, and opticians, among others.

InterFAX nominates Italian reseller

InterFAX announces a relationship that allows Bitmovers of Milan and Turin, ITALY to resell internet faxing services under the InterFAX brand. Perfectly positioned to promote these services in the Italian market, Bitmovers is a provider of internet access and hosting services and of interactive voice response services, with an active reseller channel across all of Italy.

The move further enhances the InterFAX presence in Europe, emphasizing its commitment to local markets. The company web site, which allows online access to all user settings and fax queues is in the process of being localized to Italian (see It will enable users to view documentation and receive support in their local language, while permitting online ordering of services in Euro currency.

With this addition, InterFAX now has local presence - with local-language support and billing - in the following countries: USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Israel.

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InterFAX Seeking Distribution Partners to Resell Fax Services

InterFAX is actively pursuing partnership opportunities to promote our internet faxing services in new territories. Our existing reseller base covers the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, China, Italy, and Israel.

Our current emphasis is on partnering with companies from industrial countries in Europe (Spain, France, Scandinavia, Benelux), Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea), Australia, and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico).

If your company has the following characteristics and you would like to resell fax services we would be happy to hear from you:

  • Established presence in the IT/ Internet/ Communications/ Messaging industries
  • Established business client base
  • Experience selling subscription-based services
  • Sales and marketing capabilities in your home market
  • First-level support capability
  • Billing capabilities - invoiced and credit card
  • Capable of translating and managing a dynamic website

Interfax operates the most feature-filled internet faxing service in the world. From desktop email-to-fax, through fax-to-email, to advanced developer faxing APIs, InterFAX can address your clients' most demanding business faxing requirements.

Contact us at with your details, to schedule a conversation.


The price difference between rates charged to UK clients as opposed to rates charged to US clients arises from the difference in maintaining staff and offices in these two countries.

UK clients enjoy assistance and support at times consistent with their time zone, on local-rate phone numbers, from people who speak their language and understand local requirements. (As applies to clients in the US, from THEIR local team).

Most of our clients, certainly those using our Fax API, are business clients to whom VAT is transparent, and therefore not a consideration.


InterFAX Releases New Encryption Features

InterFAX announces the release of new encryption features which will further enhance the privacy of our clients' communications. Having long offered features which allow encryption of outbound fax messages and encryption of inbound fax messages, InterFAX's new features enhance outbound fax service by:

  • Enabling encryption of confirmation messages - Confirmations are standard email messages which are returned to the original sender of the fax. Normally, these messages are sent in plain, unencrypted format. This new feature allows you to receive these messages in encrypted form.
  • Enabling hiding of the destination fax number - InterFAX's standard addressing method leaves the destination fax number "in the clear". Users who may wish to hide the destination fax number can now do so.

I'm planning to use Interfax after being pissed off by MyFax's support. (and since it is cheaper to our target fax recepients).

Just one last question...

How does Interfax service handle non-dedicated fax line recepients? What if a person answers the phone where Interfax is waiting to send a fax?

InterFAX will retry a user-defined number of times to send a fax. So, if someone picks up the phone on the other end and doesn't switch the machine to fax mode in time, InterFAX will try sending the fax again later.

InterFAX nominates Turkish reseller

InterFAX is delighted to announce a new partner relationship with Savego of Istanbul, Turkey, which will offer internet users in Turkey the ability to "let the internet do your faxing".

Savego, operates Turkey's premier internet fax online service portal, NetFaks - a finalist in Turkey's prestigious "Golden Spider" web awards. The Netfaks portal itself was built using InterFAX's powerful internet fax API.

With strong technical capabilities, Savego is in an ideal position to bring not only desktop faxing capabilities but also custom fax integration capabilities to businesses of all sizes in the quickly-evolving Turkish market.

This move further enhances the InterFAX presence in Europe, emphasizing its commitment to local markets. A local-language web site allows online access to all user settings and fax queues in Turkish (see, as well as permitting online ordering of services in Turkish Lira (YTL) currency.

With this addition, InterFAX now has local presence - with local-language support and billing - in the following countries: USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Turkey, and Israel.