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Maxemail plus: $69.00/yr. $19.95/qtr. $8.95/mo.
Our complete service package for the individual user. Includes the ability to receive faxes and/or voicemail via email, send faxes via email (including fax broadcast) with the option to select a number in the area code of your choice, including toll-free numbers*. Local numbers are currently available in over 120 cities nationwide, and U.K. numbers are now available MaxEmail Plus pricing includes 200 pages per month received.
Maxemail lite: 14.95/yr; Includes all the same features of our MaxEmail Plus service, except that you are not able to select the area code of your fax/voicemail telephone number*. Perfect for casual users, or users who wish to receive faxes/voicemail and do not require a local number, or users who wish to send outbound faxes only. Package price includes 500 pages per month received.

This is by far the best fax service I have two lines for my customers one for cleveland and one for columbus. The voicemail part works perfect the fax service even better. I have had these lines for over one year without one single failure (except the human kind) example if somebody faxes upside down you get blank pages on your PDF or TIFF. Another neat feature it emails or alerts you with 5 locations with pager alert or complete with attachments. and the price 7.95 per month you cant get a basic phone line much less cartriges ect A++++++++

Yes it is cheap. However, it is certainly not the most reliable service. It is down again today stopping me from sending an urgent fax! Just make sure you always have a backup fax machine ready.

We signed up for maxemail Lite 20 months ago. Hard to beat ad-free, uncrippled incoming fax and voicemail at $15/year. No complaints. We like it.

"Guest" questions its reliability. We haven't noticed any problems or delays, but then again, we've never used it to send faxes. If Guest is correct, it may be that there have been occasional problems sending faxes, but that they don't affect receipt of incoming fax and voice messages, which in our experience has been flawless.


THIS IS IT! This is the highest quality image I've seen on a fax to email service! I've tried EFAX (good image quality, bad service & pricing), Faxaway (good pricing, bad image quality), but MaxEmail has GREAT image quality and GREAT pricing!

At $15 year for 500 pages a month, you're not going to find a better deal. Not to mention, the background for the guys running this is imaging/scanning, so the fax image quality is 5 times better than eFax and 50 times better than Faxaway in my opinion.

I've been disappointed with the other service providers I've used to the point that I was going back to a physical fax machine. This company has changed my mind!

Don't take me word for it, sign up for their 30 day free trial and see for yourself!

I tried Maxemail and I was impressed by the quality of the faxes. Very nice! The reason I didn't opt to stay with this fax service is that they didn't have toll-free fax numbers. I was looking for a number that anyone in the U.S. can send to with no long distance charge.

Newbie :unsure:


We have every fax to email area code in the United States [and most countries around the world]

email us at and we will help you get set up.

Happy Faxing,


I see that I have a choice of two toll-free prefixes and one for my state. If I choose the one for my state, only people in the area can fax, is that not true? If I want to have the whole state be able to reach my fax, I would think a toll-free is in order.

I somehow overlooked that toll-free was available. Wow, maybe a reconsideration of this service is needed.



Clarification on the previous post. Darn that we can't edit our post.

A prefix for the whole state allows a person to reach you by fax, but for most it would be a long distance call. That is what I am concerned with.



I was using the Trial Version and didn't realize the toll-free choice was only after you sign up for the Plus upgrade.


Can anyone tell me if there is a file size limit for individual faxes that a person is constrained to?


I am a loyal MaxEmail user for my business. All I can say is, I think they're great. It's never let me down on a voicemail or fax so far. Highly reliable, very cost-effective. The only thing that irks me is that they don't have a call-forwarding capability (so that phone calls to my Maxemail number are forwarded to my office phone). If they had that feature, this service would be absolutely flawless.

I pay $70 a year for 200 voicemails/pages a month. I added the caller ID function for extra money, but it's been worth it to have a log of all incoming caller's phone numbers, just in case I need to call them back.

This thing has conventional physical fax machines, which tie up a phone line, utterly beat. I highly recommend it.

A profound thank you to all who posted here. You advised me of a choice I'd not have known about otherwise. Checked out the website, which is impressive, as well as the equally impressive plans. Just signed up!

Thanks again, y'all. I genuinely appreciate your time in passing on such valuable info, with details.

I just signed up for MaxEmail. Someone mentioned they did not have toll-free numbers. They had toll-free 866 numbers listed, plus about 150 other area codes.

I am not sure why having a local area code is such a big deal anymore. With the price of long distance these days, it is cheaper for me to call another state than it is to call outside my 5 mile calling radius. Maybe local pricing is different in other states.

Anyways, I like their service so far. My tests look really good. The faxes come through very fast (about 30 seconds after sending) and the image quality is fantastic. I have heard EFax is a good service too, but MaxEmail is over 50% cheaper if you pay for the year in advance.

Same service features, half the price = done deal for me.

We also used MaxEmail for long time and their service is unbeatable... It was a sad day when we switched to another provider, but we needed the call forwarding option... If MaxEmail would offer that we would return to them ASAP...

Best regards, Dean.

I would take commments by unregistered "guest" with a grain of salt and probably as a shill-job for a competitor.

1-800 number? Area code? Who the heck cares?

I am not sure why you folks care or want these services.

My clients usually have to make a long distance call to fax me anyway (especially from Japan, Sweden, or Australia!) so it makes little difference if my area code is in Virginia or Chicago to them.

Almost EVERY phone company offers unlimited long distance for $20 a month now (Verizon) and if you make any number of calls at all, this is much cheaper than paying by the minute.

So even "local" clients can send a fax to Chicago for the same price as they would to Virginia, unless they have some really idiotic pricing plan on their phone line.

Frqankly, I think within a year or two, the whole concept of "long distance" within the lower 48 will be considered antiquated. There really is no such thing anymore for cell phones, Internet telephony, or even for traditional POTS.

DUMP 1-800 numbers. There is very little point in paying to receive faxes or phone calls, when they are so cheap (or free) for the sender to make. The whole concept of "toll free" really makes no sense at all, particularly for a small business.

The main thing that attracts me to maxemail is pricing of $14.95 per YEAR. So what if the number is in Chicago? Most of my incoming faxes are long distance to my clients anyway.

As for voicemail, I am not sure of why I need YET ANOTHER voicemail box. You all do have cell phones, right? Geez, these come with a voicemail already built-in.

And what is the point of forwarding your fax number?

I dunno. Faxing will be dead within a few years. Many of my clients (most work in the tech sector) prefer to scan documents and e-mail them, in the few instances where they cannot just send an original .pdf or WORD file.

Like video rental, I think this business has a finite lifespan left in it - due to technology changes within the next 10 years. Perhaps this is why efax charges so much and never lets you quit..... They have to make their money NOW before the business is DOA.

Great website, by the way. It is nice to be able to compare all of these services in one place.

SOMETIMES the Internet actually is useful!

I just signed up with them a few days ago and am having a couple problems. First, the quality of my voicemail recording is really bad. It's barely audible, like a bad overseas connection. Second, when someone sends me a fax you can hear my voicemail message after you dial. I just emailed them and hopefully they will be able to fix it because I would love for this to work. Paperless faxing and voicemail on one line with no extra hardware for me to install is pretty cool to me. And you can't beat the price.

Based on the comments I read on this site I decided to try the 30 day free trial with It took me about a minute to register and about another minute for my fax number to activate. I then sent myself a fax (from my computer's fax client) and got an email back from immediately, with the fax attached. The fax quality was great too. Now when someone wants to send me a fax they don't have to call first for me to make sure the computer is on. I know I've only had this service for about 5 minutes but I couldn't be happier.

Unto today, I've been absolutely delighted with Maxemail. But, the Maxemail network has been down for much of the day today throughout numerous areas(problems in Southern and SE US area codes including 229,305,321,386,404,443,561,703,904,954). It's website advises that a switch is down in Atlanta and a new one is being shipped with an expected repair time of 7PM CDT. Please note that the advisory was issued at 00:00 today and last update at 5:41 PM CDT. Well, it's now a few minutes past 10 PM CDT. There's no update and the lines are still down. I'm not too impressed with Maxemail's responsiveness, public communication, and reliability today. Pity that there's no redundancy of communication networks. Yes, it does cost more - but no communication isn't good when you're in the business of communication.

I may have mis-posted this in the wrong forum, so I am reposting it here:


I signed up for maxemail recently after learning about it in THIS FORUM.

I have to say, I was one click away from using eFax, at $25 per month. Then I logged on here and found there are alternatives.

Maxemail is $14.85 per YEAR.

I have received over a dozen faxes so far, and all arrive in my e-mail inbox as PDF files (not some proprietary eFax format). So I can forward them to others with ease, save them, and of course, print them out.

I even received one fax on my laptop at the airport using my wireless (cellular) modem. Way cool.

The only downside so far is that the MAXEMAIL phone numbers are in blocks, so if a client mis-dials the last digit, it still goes through - to someone else's account.

So you have to make sure you give out the right number and that the client dials the right number.

For $14.85 a year, though, I'm freaking estatic. Their website is easy to use and my "next bill" appears in the billing section - for $14.85....due in April of 2006(!).

I recently switched my phone to VONAGE and that is working out well, too. My whole office is now "virtual" and I can work anywhere there is a broadband connection. Or I can forward my VONAGE phone to my cell. My clients don't even know I've left!

Which I plan on doing. I just purchased a summer home on the finger lakes, and I have a winter place in Florida.

All this great electonic internet junk makes such a lifestyle possible!

If you are thinking of virtual faxing services, I can vouch for MAXEMAIL.



I would like to give kudos where deserved.

Yesterday, as a result of reading these posts, I signed up with Maxemail. I selected to pay quarterly and received a 15% discount. I selected the Maxemail Plus program which should include 200 a month incoming faxes. Today I was billed an additional $10.25 for use of the number. This caught me off guard because I knew there should have been no additional charges. I went back and re-read the agreement and discovered that if you select the "toll-free" number package then you are charged a flat $.10 a page for every incoming fax plus the monthly fee. There are no "200" pages included in this package; I had read the advertisement wrong. I then emailed their support group to make necessary changes and selected this time a local prefix which includes the 200 a month fax sheets.

I must say, they were Johnny on the spot and got the problem fixed and refunded my $10.25 charge. As far as I am concerned they are a first class company with outstanding customer support. The faxes look great too.

Thanks Jim S. for the service.


regarding my post on Apr. 29th that mentioned some problems I was having with my maxemail account: they got back to me ASAP and helped me figure things out. Just wanted to update since they responded quickly and were helpful.

We've been using maxemail for our real estate business for about 17 months. Maxemail has never failed us. We use it to receive faxes and voicemail. We also pay for the Caller-ID feature. Total cost is around $37 per year. We choose to receive the faxes in pdf format.

For toll-free number, we use and point it to our maxemail number. has never failed us either. Their rates vary from 4.9 - 6.9 cents per minute. We have two toll-free numbers. We point one to our maxemail number and the other to my partner's cell phone. If his cell phone needs repair or doesn't work, we just point the toll-free number to another phone. We appreciate that our customers from all over the world (except Mexico) can reach us with this toll-free service. We use the basic (cheapest) plan.

We went through Hurricane Charley last year. We just drove over to Ft. Lauderdale and kept on working - using a dial-up connection. Our faxes, voicemails, and calls kept coming in. We retrieved our faxes & voicemails via our email and their web site. We didn't miss a step.

I really appreciate both company's prices and reliability.

Jen Jacobson

I've been needing to get a dedicated fax line of some sort & was considering just adding a 2nd phone line. I also thought about Efax & thought about how convenient it was.

Then I started doing a little research & found out how bad Efax's service was (got to epinions & check it out). Then I came across this site & read the posts about Maxemail. This site & a couple of others persuaded me that I needed to try Maxemail. I signed up for the Maxemail Lite account today for $14.95 plus another $23.90 for caller ID.

Even though this is my first internet online fax service, I am extremely pleased with how efficient the Maxemail works. I mean it really works well. I only need it for receiving faxes. I use a regular fax machine to send them. I am so happy that I found this site & even happier that I got Maxemail.

Thus far I've done 2 test faxes & 1 fax from another party & the faxes arrive in my email box within 5 or 10 seconds of being sent & the quality is as good as you get with a regular fax machine. I highly recommend this company to anyone considering getting an internet fax service.

Originally I was going to go with the plus service but they didn't have my area code, so I went with the Lite, which is no big deal because I couldn't decide if I wanted to use an area code I live in or one where I do most of my business. So for me the Lite was a good solution. Even though I'll never use this much, I also like how the limit is 500 pages per month. That's a lot of faxing.


I signed up with their Plus plan for one year. It had just about everything I could want and at a much more attractive price structure. I like the 200 free VM/fax pages per/mo.

I think like the one poster mentioned, that the voicemail audio is something they need to work on. The quality is ok, it's just that they need to bump up the volume or gain, and possibly normalize the audio. It kinda wavers or is load and then soft right after.

Right now they have RealAudio and .wav audio formats. Be nice if they added mp3 format.

I tried their trial and was hooked in less than a day of using it and signed up for the annual plan.

Wow!!! I was about to sign up with efax and am I glad I found this website first! I will probably go with maxemail, if that doesnt work I will go with myfax. And to think I almost made a huge mistake. I also had been considering send2fax, but I see that is probably not wise. This site is truly defining how the web can be a wonderful tool to share opinions. There is a need for more accurate opinion site like this. Watch for schills definitly but a boatload of negativity can only mean one thing--WATCHOUT!! That is truly the power of interaction that the web provides. I set up the website in an attempt to let allow a company see that the way they run there business impacts the way we think about the company. I know efax has seen this forum, but I wonder if they even care what we think. As long as they continue to seperate people from their hard earned money, they will not change. Sites like this need to be seen and heard. Rip off companies should not go unpunished!!!!! Years ago I had a Cellular One phone and along with thousands of others, I was disgusted with the quality of their product and customer service. Their reputation was so bad, they had to change their name. They are now Cingular. I think they upped the quality of service but that does not recoup my hundreds of dollars they stole from me. Had I known they had such a bad reputation, I would have been able to avoid such problems. Maxemail may not be the best, I dont know because I have yet to sign up, but I least I didnt get jipped by signing on with efax! Thanx again Joe for the site.


I signed up for the one month free maxemail trial. My only complaint is the quality of sent faxes (I sent two test faxes to myself). Even sending at the slower "photo quality" resolution, the received faxes were not crisp and clear. It was better at the higher resolution, but still not good. I may still sign up for maxemail because otherwise the service seems good and reliable, but I will only use it for receiving faxes, not sending. I'm a business professional and I can't afford to send clients raggedy faxes that look like I'm using a fax machine circa 1980.

RobertPlattBell wrote:
I would take commments by unregistered "guest" with a grain of salt and probably as a shill-job for a competitor.

1-800 numb...
SOMETIMES the Internet actually is useful!

Regarding the point of forwarding a fax--I have an "alert" forwarded to my cell phone so if I am waitng for something via fax, I know it came in. Then I can hook up my laptop to my cell phone and get it, if it's important. I do this same thing for my email (gives my phone the first 150 characters or so as a text message) for the same reason.
Anyhow, I signed up for this service yesterday. I have had a free efax account for about 3 years, but have really not used it in the past year since they "kicked me out", as one month I got 37 faxes and their limit is 20. I refused to pay 13.00/month just to get faxes on my computer. I have pretty much done without fax for a year, but there are still a bunch of hold-outs who can't use email for everything yet. For 15.00/year, you can't beat a service like this. I faxed to myself (I have a fax machine but no dedicated line anymore so I only use it to send) and the quality looked decent. I like the PDF fax better, as you don't need to use an extra viewer program like you do in efax. I also noticed efax gave people fax errors far too often--I never got the fax and they got an error. We'll see how reliable this service is (I went with the testimonials here).
I agree with a previous poster that an out-of-state area code means little to nothing anymore. I had this with efax, too. A fax to me is already long distance to most, and if you pay attention to your phone bill you know that an out-of-state number is typically CHEAPER than an in-state long distance call because of the taxes the state imposes on in-state.

Someone asked why anyone would want voice mail...

Simple... I am looking to disconnect my land line, and use only my cell phone for all of my calling needs. However, I'd like to have another number available to give out for putting on credit applications, for salesmen, etc., etc.

At the same time, I still need to send out faxes every now and then (when I am working from home). Since I work in the legal field, it is also extremely helpful to have fax confirmations for when the "I never received your letter" lie is used.

MaxEmail seems to be the perfect solution for my needs.

Well, their "30 day FREE trial" costs $10... :unsure:

Still looking.

John wrote:
THIS IS IT! This is the highest quality image I've seen on a fax to email service! I've tried EFAX (good image quality, bad service & pricing), Faxaway (good pricing, bad image quality), but MaxEmail has GREAT image quality and GREAT pricing!

At $15 year for 500 pages a month, you're not going to find a better deal. Not to mention, the background for the guys running this is imaging/scanning, so the fax image quality is 5 times better than eFax and 50 times better than Faxaway in my opinion.

I've been disappointed with the other service providers I've used to the point that I was going back to a physical fax machine. This company has changed my mind!

Don't take me word for it, sign up for their 30 day free trial and see for yourself!

And he works for MaxEmail in the Sales and Marketing Department

Strangely enough, the above plug for our service was not written by anyone here. I think we would have been a bit more subtle :)

To clear up questions about our 30 Day Free Trial, it is and always has been free for 30 days. Also, we will not charge anything for service until our Trial customer specifically requests an upgrade to any of our paid subscriptions.

Thanks to all our customers who have taken the time to offer their opinions about our service. We sincerely appreciate your kind words and support!

We don't normally comment on


We don't normally comment on our own behalf, but not too many comments here for several years now, so we wanted to announce that we continue to make improvements to our Internet Fax & Voice Mail service based on our client's suggestions.

Based on our client's comments, we have recently revamped our client administration area to make it easier than ever to send faxes from our web site. We also made it much easier to navigate, view and download your faxes and voice mail from our web site.

Faxes also continue to be efficiently received & sent to our clients by email, making receiving faxes as easy as possible, especially for the traveler.

You can still check out MaxEmail with our free 30 day trial. Also, we won't automatically charge your card at the end of the trial, so even if you forget about the trial, you won't end up with a mystery charge at the end of the month.

Thanks to all of our customers over the last 14 years!

Best Regards,