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We signed up for maxemail Lite 20 months ago. Hard to beat ad-free, uncrippled incoming fax and voicemail at $15/year. No complaints. We like it.

"Guest" questions its reliability. We haven't noticed any problems or delays, but then again, we've never used it to send faxes. If Guest is correct, it may be that there have been occasional problems sending faxes, but that they don't affect receipt of incoming fax and voice messages, which in our experience has been flawless.


Strangely enough, the above plug for our service was not written by anyone here. I think we would have been a bit more subtle :)

To clear up questions about our 30 Day Free Trial, it is and always has been free for 30 days. Also, we will not charge anything for service until our Trial customer specifically requests an upgrade to any of our paid subscriptions.

Thanks to all our customers who have taken the time to offer their opinions about our service. We sincerely appreciate your kind words and support!

We don't normally comment on our own behalf, but not too many comments here for several years now, so we wanted to announce that we continue to make improvements to our Internet Fax & Voice Mail service based on our client's suggestions.

Based on our client's comments, we have recently revamped our client administration area to make it easier than ever to send faxes from our web site. We also made it much easier to navigate, view and download your faxes and voice mail from our web site.

Faxes also continue to be efficiently received & sent to our clients by email, making receiving faxes as easy as possible, especially for the traveler.

You can still check out MaxEmail with our free 30 day trial. Also, we won't automatically charge your card at the end of the trial, so even if you forget about the trial, you won't end up with a mystery charge at the end of the month.

Thanks to all of our customers over the last 14 years!

Best Regards,