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RingCentral Appoints Jose Antonio Rios, Chief Administrative Officer and International President of Global Crossing, to its Board of Directors

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 14, 2004--RingCentral® today announced that Jose Antonio Rios, chief administrative officer of Global Crossing (Nasdaq:GLBCE), and president of Global Crossing International, has joined the company's board of directors.

"We are honored to add such a seasoned, internationally renowned executive to our team," said Vlad Shmunis, CEO of RingCentral, Inc. "We share a mutual vision of creating an advanced and valuable communications solution with a worldwide footprint. Jose Antonio is a global leader in this field and we're excited to have him play such a meaningful role on our team."

Jose Antonio Rios added, "RingCentral has a strong legacy and a bright future. The company's product line has proven to be indispensable for existing and prospective subscribers, and its product functionality will be in increasing demand as communications needs evolve. I am excited to be able to help guide the organization towards the fulfillment of its global telecommunications strategy."

A proven leader in the telecommunications, media and entertainment industries, Mr. Rios brings to the RingCentral board more than 30 years of international experience and leadership. In addition to his corporate responsibilities as chief administrative officer and international president of Global Crossing, Mr. Rios serves as a director of several Global Crossing affiliates worldwide. He also serves on the boards of directors of Claxson Interactive Group Inc., Fundacion Pais Digital (Digital Nation Foundation), and Inter-American Dialogue's Latin America Advisor. Mr. Rios is also an advisor and partner in Navidad Real Estate Holding in Florida, and of H2V Entertainment in Montreal, Canada.


About RingCentral, Inc.

Founded in 1993, RingCentral provides telephony solutions through their software and Internet-enhanced services. To date, more than 25 million users have saved on their communications costs, expanded their reach and simplified their communications infrastructure by using RingCentral products and services.

The company's flagship offering, RingCentral Online, is a hosted telecommunications service designed to offer small businesses the functionality and flexibility normally reserved for large companies at a high price tag. Plans include toll free and regionally local phone numbers, business quality voicemail, dynamic call forwarding, Internet fax, as well as a host of powerful personalization and notification options. As a customers' business grows, additional full-featured extensions, each with voicemail, fax, and call forwarding and notification rules, can be added turning RingCentral Online into a powerful Hosted PBX solution.

I have three toll-free number accounts on ringcentral (2 business and one personal) and use it for rather low volume incoming calls and faxes. Overall I am happy with the service as it's affordable for my low volume and has features that actually exceed my needs. The only problem I've encountered is that occasionally people cannot fax to me. All my numbers are set up as combination voice/fax so I think this is the problem (some fax machines don't work well with combo voice fax systems). It may not be an issue with a dedicated fax number.

DO NOT USE RING CENTRAL! They are a huge scam company! I wanted their fax service only and when you sign up online it shows you are signed up for the free trail and then $7.99 fax service. But they actually bill you for all their services at $29.99/mnth! If you contact them about canceling during the free trail, they say our system is down we will call you back and never do. If you email to cancel, they say you are not in a free trail. It's a nightmare! Their software corrupted my Word and Outlook to the point that my computer guy couldn't even fit it! I had to uninstall Office and reinstall.

Terrible Experience with Ringcentral

I recently stared a small business and felt that I needed fax capability.

I discovered Ringcentral's 7-day trial offer on the web and signed up for the free trial.

After having difficulty in getting the software installed on Windows 7, I canceled the trial on the 2nd day.

Later, I discovered that my bank card was charged $29.99 and I immediately telephoned Ringcentral and complained. I was assured that the charge was a mistake and would be immediately removed from my bank account.

Instead of being removed, the $29.99 charge was replaced by a $9.99 charge.

I contacted Ringcentral again and was assured that the charge would be removed from my bank account.

Soon after my contact with Ringcentral, my bank account was credited with $9.99.

Last week, a $9.99 charge was again placed on my bank card by Ringcentral. I will contact them again later today.

Additionally, I have been unable to uninstall the application from my computer. I repeatedly received an error message stating that the Uninstall.log can not be opened. I have tried to uninstall the product using the Window 7 Control Panel and other methods that I was able to find on online forums from users having similar problems with the application.

Unhappy user


I didn't even make it two weeks into the free trial and my faxes mysteriously stopped going through. No alert, no warning that the faxes had failed. The call log on my online account said that all my faxes were going to "wrong numbers." I called each of the numbers to be certain, and, sure enough, they were active fax lines with fax machines answering. After being on hold for 20 mins, I finally spoke to someone at RingCentral. They told me that I was part of a widespread fax service outage and they did not know when the problem would be fixed. I asked repeatedly to speak with a manager or supervisor, but to no avail. I was only transferred to the retention department & then disconnected. No warning, no alert, no email to let us know that fax services were down. No customer service at the support line.
In the meantime, a very important fax did not go through. The office that was receiving the fax closed for the day. I lost a client and a great deal of money.
Do not use this company! Tell your friends not to use this company!