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I was really pleased when a real person answered the phone when I was having problems sending resumes.

Best service and value...


Can't recommend.

I've used send2fax just to receive occasional international faxes. It was very cost effective for the low volumes of faxes I received on this local number (most of my business is on 800 numbers on another service). After a couple of years on the service, Send2fax sent me an announcement stating that I needed to change my fax number because they were loosing their rights to certain numbers. I wasn't pleased about this but went along and had to go through the hassle of notifying customers and changing the number everywhere it existed. Then, 6 months later I get another notice saying I need to change my number again. That was just too much.

I could not possibly see how I could recommend this service to anyone that needs a local fax number to receive faxes.

I am a very light fax user (10 fax pages per year) and did not have technical difficulties with send2fax. However, like few people here before me, have great difficulties with their customer service in regards to charges and service cancellation:
- Send2fax has quietly increased monthly billing 3 times for their basic service
- it is virtually impossible to remove the automatic charges to my credit card or cancel the service
- customer service is ignorant and slow

I would not recommend the service.

Be aware. Never give your credit card information to Send2Fax!!!

I signed up for a low rate. Then the price suddenly increased by 300% !!!

They don't give any information. They don't send bills!

They keep charging your credit card.



After contemplating the last automatic $20 withdrawal by Send2Fax (which seem to be coming more frequently), I realized that this service just didn't make financial sense. So I closed my account. That's when I found out that the funds Send2Fax withdrew from my account are NON-REFUNDABLE as stated in their current terms and conditions (Section 11).

Also, Send2Fax may (and do) change pricing without direct notification! I found this out the hard way.


S2F reserves the right to change prices or institute new charges for access to or use of the Services. All changes will be posted by S2F on the Website and you are responsible for regularly reviewing such pricing information to obtain timely notice of such changes. Continued use of the Services or non-termination of your account after changes are posted constitutes your acceptance of the prices as modified by the posted changes.

Buyer beware:
Be sure to make copies of the terms and conditions at the time you sign up.
Read Send2Fax terms carefully or better yet, go somewhere else!

Watch out for Ferengis.