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As a matter of fact, you CAN beat this!

InterFAX (link to discussions here, link to website) offers inbound service on toll-free numbers for $12.95 which includes 200 pages!

I have some doubts about the network being owned and operated by Venali, they appear to have set up a very substantial network in a very short time. Anyone know who really owns it? Mebbe their partnership with Alcatel has something to do with it?


Venali is, in fact, Visionlab. They have a wealth of experience - some might say 'notoriety' due to the latter's being accused of fax spamming.

Press Release: US Patent Office Grants Venali's Request to Reexamine j2 Patent on Grounds of Invalidity

MIAMI, FL. (May 18, 2005) - The United States Patent Office has granted Venali’s request for reexamination of J2 Global’s (JCOM) Patent 6597688.

“All claims of the patent will be reexamined” according to the order by the U.S. Patent Office granting the reexamination. “It is agreed that the consideration of all these references [cited by Venali in its request for reexamination] raises a substantial new question of patentability as to Claims 1-27 of [j2’s ‘688 patent].”

“We are very pleased that the U.S. Patent office agreed to our first request to reexamine a patent held by J2 Global” said Amin El-Gazzar, CEO of Venali. “While this was the first reexamination request Venali filed, we recently filed a request to reexamine a second J2 Global patent based upon new evidence which we found that shows the invalidity of the patent. Based on the newly uncovered evidence, we are extremely confident that the U.S. Patent Office will grant that request as well.”

The reexamination requests are the result of evidence uncovered during an on-going extensive investigation into the validity of the entirety of the J2 Global patent portfolio which had first been initiated by Venali in response to a suit filed by J2 Global in 2004. While Venali maintains that its processes and technologies do not infringe upon J2 Global’s patents; Venali is aiming to strengthen competition on merit in the rapidly growing Internet Fax market place by working actively on invalidating questionable J2 Global’s patents, even if they are not part of Venali’s litigation with J2.

amy wrote:
Venali is run by Joshua Yafa, the same lowlife who has visionlab. They are underhanded scum who scam people with phony faxes.

"amy", that's a very harsh accusation. According to the SEC a Joshua Yafa was involved in a "scam designed to mislead investors into believing they had inadvertently received a confidential stock tip faxed from a stockbroker to his client". However, there is no indication that this person is related to VisionLab other than perhaps being being a client of theirs.

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Feb 6, 2006 Press Release: Venali, Inc. Announces Federal Court Halts Patent Litigation By j2 Global Communications, Inc.

Venali, Inc. today announced that it recently obtained a victory in the United States Patent Office against the questionable patent rights obtained by j2 Global Communications, Inc. In response to requests by Venali, the United States Patent and Trademark Office found substantial questions of patentability concerning the inventions claimed by j2 and decided to reexamine its prior decision to issue two of the j2 patents. Based on the uncertain future of these j2 patents and possibly others, the United States District Court for the Central District of California found that j2's patent litigation against Venali should not go forward pending a decision on whether the patents should have ever been issued. The court questioned openly whether j2's other lawsuits alleging infringement of the same patents should be allowed to continue.

j2 responded to the adverse ruling by issuing an outdated press release regarding a lawsuit it filed against Venali almost 6 months ago, which Venali described as completely frivolous. Venali's CEO, Pasquale Giordano, noted that the lawsuit, which alleges violations of U.S. telecommunication law, "is rife with false allegations and appears to be copied from a junk-fax Internet web site." He noted that, "Even the most basic allegations are inaccurate, including the identity of Venali's CEO and facts concerning its corporate structure." Venali believes this suit is yet another abuse of the legal system by j2 to stifle competition. Mr. Giordano pointed out that contrary to assertions made by j2's General Counsel, Venali is a leader in the fight against junk faxes and has developed a proprietary junk fax filter to aid this effort.

Venali will vigorously defend this lawsuit and continue to fight against j2's anticompetitive practices.

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