Metro Hi Speed

I have been with these guys for over a year now and have had no problems at all.
12.99 a month with unlimited outbound, and inbound faxes. We bought the 10 pack and have switched all of our employees to it and are really happy. Anyone else out there have them?

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I am the IT manager at a manufaturing plant. Faxing is an vital part of our business. When searching out a online faxing service, we were in need of one that was reliable, responsive and as with any business, affordable.

After 3+ months with Metro Hi Speed, we have expanded our use of them to multiple lines. The service has worked flawlessly for us and the price is MORE than covered just eliminating the time it takes to do things the old fashion way.

To me, one of the most important thing in choosing a partner is their commitment to service after the sale. Even though I rarely have any problems, if I have a question or a comment, I am replied to and taken care of almost instantly.

So combine a great product, outstanding customer service and a good pricing structure and for me, this is a great fax service and I highly recommend it.

Ken Karl
IT Manager
Bullet Tools

I am the General Manager of a general contracting firm. Over the years we have done almost all our faxing with Metro HiSpeed.

Our companies have always enjoyed working with them. To say we are a "super" satisfied customer is an understatement. Once you have the basic service you only then will realize all of the things that are possible.


1) Since faxes go straight to email; our guys are able to get them wherever they are, instantly. That means when a fax comes in, it doesn’t matter if our guy is on a job in Seattle, WA or sitting at an airport in Kona, HI he gets his fax.

2) Our people in the office no longer get bothered by incoming faxes that need to be distributed, somehow . . . I know we save tons of money on this one item alone but how do you put a dollar amount on that? This one item more than covers the small cost of the individual Metro e-fax numbers!

3) If the guy getting the fax needs anybody else to see it, he just forwards it through e-mail to as many people as he wants. In the old days he'd have to call the office and have office staff stand in front the fax machine to do it.

4) Electronic copies are filed so we NEVER have to go looking for a paper fax. I can’t tell you how many times this has saved the day.

5) When our guys get sick or go on vacation we just have Metro HiSpeed point the e-fax number to somebody else's. It’s great, we never miss a beat.

6) If you don’t have a scanner handy you can just fax the document to yourself and then send it through email as a .pdf to as many people as you want.

Call me an e-fax evangelist if you want but we’ve used other services along the way. Nobody does it like Metro HiSpeed. If you are thinking of going to e-fax, take my advice, stop looking now and sign up with Metro HiSpeed. You will be happy you did. I have sent numerous people to Metro HiSpeed and they are all happy.

Metro HiSpeed is completely customer focused and will do whatever it takes to make you happy. They run a first class and very ethical operation.

After having said all of that, they are really nice people too.

Alan J. Fossum
GM, Total Companies

I am the Operations Manager for a tax service business and we could not work without the e-fax services provided by Metro HiSpeed. Our attorneys depend on it's reliability for faxes from the IRS and also from our customers. The convenience and speed of e-fax is so much better than regular faxes. We are extremely satisfied with the service and support provided to us the past two and a half years by Metro HiSpeed. We never have any problems with our e-fax system which says a lot for the provider.

Nancy Coffinger
Tax Debt Solutions, Inc.


I am the owner of a public accounting firm, and have been using Metro Hi Speed's fax service for years with absolutely no complaints!

Reliability is one factor that we could not live without. With constant faxes going between my firm, clients, the IRS, vendors, etc. You can see why we would look for reliability, first.

The speed is important, and there has been no problem in this area.

The cost has been minimal, especially when it come to international bell doesn't like it, but I sure do!

All in all, I am glad we have gone with Metro, and would recommend their fax service to anyone, and I would NEVER go back to the old method of faxing!

Kathy Rail, CPA, President
Parish Rail, CPA, P.S.

Hmm, let's see.....four supernova-glowing reviews of Metro HiSpeed, from newbies who registered just a few days apart, all following pretty much the same script ("I'm a Big Shot in a Big Company, and I send a lot of Very Important Faxes to other Big Companies....") Comment spam? Why would I think that?

RH (who just crossed MHS off his eval list)

All right, I'm not a Metro Hi-Speed spokesman, but I have just had a good tech support experience. They even spoke my language! All in all, I really like this service. It's simple to use; it works like it's supposed to; and it's cheap. I give it an "A."

In July 2009, I contacted Metrofax to port in my existing fax number from
another phone service. I submitted online as well as on the phone with a
sales rep. The sales rep called me 2 hours later and advised me that she
was unable to successfully port in my phone number. I told her that I
would just go to a different phone company because I need my existing fax
number and told her if she could not port in the number I would not be
needing their service. Instead I ported my number in to Vonage which I
have been using ever since. Metrofax activate a random number without my
authorization and began charging my credit card. I placed numerous calls
to them requesting they deactivate the number and refund my money because
I never authorized them to activate this random number. I submitted
password recovery several times trying to access the account online
thinking maybe I can deactivate the account online myself and each time it
never allowed me to access the account or use the service. So, they have
been charging me for a service I could not even use if I wanted to. I
contacted their customer service department several times trying to
resolve this issue. They advised me that I would need to send an email if
I want to cancel service. I explained it should never have been activated
to begin with. It was never authorized. Two months ago I sent an email to
their billing department explaining my situation and requesting they
cancel the service and refund the unauthorized charges. The service was
neither canceled nor did I receive a refund for the unauthorized charges.
They just continued billing me for their service. I have been calling
their customer service department on several occasions since the beginning
with no resolution. I called February 15, 2010 and requested to escalate
the situation to a manager hoping they would do the right thing. The
customer service rep forwarded me to the voicemail of their supervisor
Joan. I left a voicemail requesting she call me back. 24 hours later I
called again since she did not return my call. I explained the situation
to her that I never requested to activate this number or the service. She
argued with me several times saying I needed to prove to her that I
requested to cancel service in writing. I explained to her that it never
should have been activated in the first place. She advised me there would
be no refund. I then requested to escalate to her manager. She forwarded
my number to Mr. Mark Madson and he called me back. I explained to him my
situation and asked him to resolve the situation for me. He offered a
refund of one month of service as his resolution. I explained this is not
satisfactory because none of the charges were authorized. I explained that
I would complain to the BBB and go to my bank and request the charges be
reversed, but I really preferred they just do the right thing so I don't
need to submit a complaint through BBB or through my bank. He told me if I
felt that I needed to do that I should go ahead and file the complaint. I
asked Mark if he had a supervisor, he said he did not have a supervisor
and he was at the top of the company. It is very unfortunate that they
refuse to do the right thing.