Choosing The Right Online Fax Service

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#1 31 October 2008 - 6:12am

Choosing The Right Online Fax Service

We know that there are many fax services online but down to it, you are only going to sign up to one. So how to make sure that you are choosing the right company that will be responsible for managing you online faxes?

Different people have different approaches. Some of us my decide to go for the cheapest while others may decide to go with service quality. Down to it when it comes to faxing, we should learn to focus on service quality.

You want to make sure that your faxes goes through with minimal delay. You want to make sure that the fax you receive is readable.

Now, i'm not trying to promote any specific fax service here but please keep in mind that those companies providing good quality online fax service are already dirt cheap. So don't be a cheapskate because you will end up with what you have paid for!

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4 November 2008 - 3:11am

i just replied to the previous topic and i might as well say it again here. for affordable quality faxes, you could try out pay-per-use is a specialty, but they offer monthly plans as well.

good luck with your search!

17 November 2008 - 4:06am

"Now, i'm not trying to promote any specific fax service here but please keep in mind that those companies providing good quality online fax service are already dirt cheap. So don't be a cheapskate because you will end up with what you have paid for!"

You're right. It's a lot like hosting. Great services are already out at very cheap proces but for some reason we all way to save a couple more bucks per month and then wonder why the fax doesn't arrive (or the email in the case of the hosting provider).

If it's important - pay a little extra and get a solid provider.

Metro Hi Speed internet fax services for any sized business.

22 December 2008 - 11:55am

The Email to Fax solution from Sundial Telecom would be ideal for you. For sending faxes there is no monthly fee, you just pay for what you use. It's easy to use as you only need to send an email to with the document you need to be faxed attached, put the fax number in the subject line and send it. There is even an online fax composer for simple faxes where you can just type the content in a webform & add the fax number. If you use the voucher code FAXBEEP when you create an account you'll get a FREE trial where you can send about 5 fax pages at no cost to yourself. More information is available at If you're based outside the UK it won't help much with inbound faxes unfortunately.

23 December 2008 - 6:57pm
Garden Owner

I'm new to this forum.... but I thought I'd share this with you....

We had a need for company wide faxing a bit ago - our server died and our fax machines could not handle our traffic - we started looking at services and quickly realized that we did not trust the security or reliability of one of the for-free/nearly free services). A friend recommended me to reach out to

It seems that they are not a faxing company, but rather, help business determine which fax company to go to.

They asked us about our faxing needs and special requirements (we needed FTP or XML, and international access) and the directed us to one of the larger business type faxing service. They helped get us a pretty good deal, helped us move our fax numbers to the service, and pretty much babysat the entire process.

They apparently function like my insurance broker did (she got all of the info about our needs, figured out which company would be best and he helped us get onto State Farm.) Also, like my agent, there was no charge for the service, so I guess they rely on making sure the customers remain happy...

The people at desktopfaxservice claimed to be in the business for many years... and asked me a number of questions that I would have never thought to ask (did we want to connect our faxing to Active Directory, did we need end of day reporting, etc.)... I'd used efax personally in the past but I never heard of some of the features they were asking about.

Their web site says that to work with them, you need to be doing 1000 faxes a month or more, so they clearly dont want the little guy (we were doing 20 times that!)

I was relieved to have someone else do a lot of the leg work and investigations.... very happy with them (so are the two friends I've sent to them in the past month).

Any questions.. let me know

19 January 2009 - 5:50am

There are lots of companies offering fax to email service. It is hard to find a good and reliable one. Lots of them show and disappear in couple of months. Of course it depends on your needs. My recommendation is first to start with the local number area code. Find a company that has the one you need. Then check for how long this company exists and what are the different plans they offer. If you are going to use the number only for incoming faxes you beeter look for companies offering this type of service. It is at least two times cheapper. I personally use for the past two years and I am really happy with it. They offer unlimited income fax for plat rate and the service is really good.
Wish you all good luck.

20 January 2009 - 5:20am


We've been offering our FAXAGE service at for almost 5 years now. We like to think we do a good job and, as Chris has already pointed out in this thread, we offer good service for 'dirt cheap' prices, as do others.

What sets us apart (generally, though not in all cases) is that we offer unlimited users/email-addresses within each account at no extra charge per user, which can be really nice for business use. Price is a function of how many fax numbers you purchase (you can have multiple fax numbers tied into a single account if it's for an office, remote sales force, etc.) and how many faxes you send/receive each month.

Of course we also offer email to fax, fax to email, website based faxing, online storage, etc. like the 'other guys'. ;)

Best of luck to you whichever way you decide to go!


8 February 2009 - 7:11am

That's true melfanshaw,we should be aware of what we eat...choosing the right one comes only after researching,doubting and of course...trieng if it does no harm...

There are lots of companies offering fax to email service. It is hard to find a good and reliable one.
My recommendation is first to start with searching… A friend recommended me to reach out to ..u never know…good service for 'dirt cheap' prices, as do others…
It just takes couple of minutes to try it.They offer FreeTrial(3 days),as maybe do others…give it a shot!

Good Luck!

8 March 2009 - 12:45am

You do get what you pay for - and there are some free providers out there - but not all have the same features, nor the customer support. The guys over at Computer Faxing have written up some good reviews on the top online fax services. One really interesting thing to note is that Efax did not receive very high marks at all - surprising considering they're one of the oldest and best known providers.

17 March 2009 - 7:11am

Well first, you need to know your needs.

1. Do you need an incoming fax only? How many do you expect in a month?

2. Do you need to send fax also aside from incoming? How many do you expect to send in a month?

3. How about other features like email notification, voice mail might be paying for something you don't need.

4. Compare prices based on your needs.

5. Try.

I've tried a couple of online fax services and right now I am using Onesuite Fax (I'm in the middle of 1 month free trial) and so far so good. After the trial I need to pay $2.95 a month with unlimited incoming and 2.5 cents outgoing per page. for those who just need incoming fax, they got unlimited incoming service only for $1 a month.

28 March 2009 - 8:48pm

I have tried fax to email service. It's not expensive, but it's easy and fast, and is available worldwide.

12 May 2009 - 5:21am


Fax broadcasting has several benefits. And with an increasing amount of providers appearing in the industry coupled with new breakthroughs in the technology used - more and more businesses are using the fax to communicate their marketing message.

To gain more info on this log on to :

17 July 2009 - 2:57pm
EasyLink Services

EasyLink Portfolio

First things first, Hello, I hope you are all well.

My name is Steve Smith and I represent EasyLink and its FAX, EDI and MFT 'As A Service' portfolio across Europe.

It's interesting to read so many comments regarding our competitors' services (Hello to you as well), length of existence, uptime, reduced pages for increased subs, lack of reporting, basic production capability etc.

EasyLink has been around for almost 30 years in one guise or another, originally part of AT&T. We have our own global Value Added Network (the 4th largest in the world) and our uptime is one of the best with our carrier grade capability.

70 of the Fortune 100 use our FAX and EDI services to decrease costs, improve business efficiencies, increase data compliance and to 'Go Green'.

For large corporate use, you'd be hard-pushed to find a better Pay As You Go, transaction based, no upfront cost, high-uptime provider of desktop and production fax.

If you want to chat, I'm at (TEL +44 (0) 77 333 999 77)

5 March 2010 - 5:45am

DO NOT USE UNITYFAX. DO NOT USE THIS CO. They have NO customer service, can not and will not return one phone call. Told me 10 days to port over my number, after 15 days (prepaid) I cancelled service (per phone message, fax and 5 emails. Then 25 days later they still port over my number and it now rings to NOTHING.

8 April 2011 - 7:36pm

If you or company do a little bit more traffic per month (5K+ messages per month)please check out Graphnet. Graphnet has been in the telecommunications business since 1968 and provides quality desktop, production, and broadcasting services. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

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