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#1 24 April 2010 - 4:43am

eFax-Don't use them!!!

OK, my patience has finally worn out. I've had eFax for at least two years now, and have stuck with them out of laziness, because I simply can't stand the process of signing up for another service.

However, after spending over an hour with their "customer service" rep (there's a misnomer if there ever was one), I'm ready to dump them.

Despite endless repetition, they simply couldn't understand what the problems were that I was having. The only thing they kept repeating was that they need to charge my account another annual rate to change it, despite the fact that they had not made the changes I request over 5 months ago, so I was being double-billed.

Then, to add insult, when I tried to send a FAX tonight, neither one of my accounts worked!

After calling customer service yet again, who steered me through an arcane procedure to change the PDF attachment I was trying to send, they then informed me that "after checking with their senior technicians", that their 'friggin network is down. WTF!?

Stay far, far away.

25 April 2010 - 5:33pm

I had an account with eFax for almost four years. I RARELY used the service (maybe 5 faxes a YEAR). Then, in March, I had someone send me a 12-page fax. No worries - except some idiot on their end sent it TWICE by mistake - THEIR mistake, not mine.

I immediately get this pissy email from eFax telling me that I have violated the user terms and they were canceling my number immediately unless I paid the ransom - sorry, monthly service charge - of $19.95 per month.

I replied with a nicely written email that stated that in the last four years, I've troubled them with a grand total of 32 pages TOTAL before this March, and b) that the "overage" was not cause by me, but rather by some other human who sent their 7-page fax TO me TWICE. So I was being booted out for another person's mistake? With no warning? Why, I posited, couldn't you have simply sent a pleasant reminder that I had gone over my paltry limit and that if I did it AGAIN, I would have to pay? Wouldn't that be better customer service?

Their reply was a tersely written "go screw yourself" love note that said that I should have WARNED the other person not to send big duplicate faxes (and given that the offending, second fax arrived like two minutes after the first...WHEN, specifically was I to psychically predict the second send? And am I actually expected to make this hostile accusation to every person who dares to send me a fax? "Don't be stupid enough to click send again there, Skippy!"

So, to be clear: You're banishing me because ONCE in four years I topped the 12-page monthly limit by TWO PAGES? Because ONCE in four years an INBOUND FAX (over which I had no control) was mistakenly sent twice? I get punished - no BANISHED! - because some flunky at another business sent a fax twice by mistake? Really?

The words "YOU SUCK" come to mind for some reason.

So, yeah. Don't give them your business, even the free type, because you'll find yourself at the end of a BIG monthly bill and no other options. Crappy customer service and the penalty for error is unacceptable.

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