fax.com FRAUDULENT charges to bank acct

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#1 5 November 2010 - 4:29pm

fax.com FRAUDULENT charges to bank acct

As a very satisfied FAX.COM user for the past 3.5 years, I would like to in good faith make anyone considering using this service, or currently using the service, aware of how FAX.COM continued to charge my credit card/debit for 9.99/mo after my credit card was expired and I no longer was using or had access to their fax services.

In trying to cancel this service, you can call the fax.com 800 number. When you select CANCEL THE SERVICE, you will be directed to the fax.com site to cancel online. When I logged in, it stated that my account was on hold and I could not physically cancel the service because the option is not available. I could only select UPDATE MY EXPIRED CREDIT CARD. Naturally, one would presume that an EXPIRED credit card would be invalid and could not be used. When I called FAX.COM and spoke with a representative, the rep blamed my bank for allowing the charges to go through with an expired date. When I contacted my bank (PSECU.ORG - a STATE credit union) I was told that if an expired date came through, the charges would have been denied. Thus, the fax.com company has entered an expired number until they could get the charge to not be denied, or they guessed at the expiration date. This continued for 10 months (tomorrow will be 11 months). It was not provided to them nor did I give them permission to continue to charge my checking account by updating my credit card information. Ultimately, my only resolve was to cancel my card and get a new one. This means any auto-pays I'm using must be tracked down and given the new number and expiration date. It appears that an expiration date is worthless provided that the account is still open and someone can just fraudulently and randomly enter dates until they get it right.

Think twice when doing business with FAX.COM or any other online company using your credit card. Just because your card info expired doesn't mean it can't still be used to make purchases that you have not authorized or did not want to make. I lost $100 to this company through billing of a service that was listed as being ON HOLD.due to an EXPIRED CREDIT CARD.

Thus, beware users or anyone considering using them.