About Axiatel - is this common with other providers?

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#1 3 January 2011 - 6:06am

About Axiatel - is this common with other providers?


Our company uses Axiatel as a e-mail to fax service. We send a significant number of faxes a month. We signed up to a set plan with them based on our estimated usage, payed for the year and we assumed that was that.

However, we have been getting charged an additonal monthly charge because we apparently seem to be going over our limit. On further inquiry , I was told by Axiatel that that pages are calculated by sending time 60 seconds = 1 page). For instance, a one-page fax takes 170 seconds and will be counted as 3 pages.
So no doubt I am going over the limit!
This however is not advertised anywhere on their website when you sign up.
Their service is good - and I am not complaining about that. I do however feel a bit ripped off because I feel like they weren't transparent about their charges when I signed up.
I just want to know if charging based on sending time as mentioned above is the general norm? If this is the case - that is fine and I will continue with Axiatel. If not - I need to look elsewhere.

Regards and Thank You for your help in Advance

21 January 2011 - 6:07am


Most service providers who claim to bill 'by the page' have something buried in their terms of service that says each 60 seconds, or increment thereof, can count as a 'page'. Now, whether or not this is actually enforced seems to vary from provider to provider. Effectively, though, if it is enforced you're being billed by the minute in one-minute increments (so 1:01 == 2:00, for example).

Our service, www.faxage.com , is one of the few that just bills by time utilized instead of pages. We do a one-minute per call minimum (no matter how many pages are in it) and then six-second increments after the first minute. In your scenario (the 170-second page), of course, we would have billed you for 174 seconds. On the other hand, we routinely have folks transmit 10-page faxes in 4-5 minutes total (which saves them quite a bit over 'by-the-page' models), so it evens out overall.

Anyway, I think the answer to your question is that it seems to be the norm to have those types of terms (turning pages into minutes when it's more advantageous to the provider to do so, but leaving them as pages when it's more advantageous to the provider to do it that way), but I'm not sure if actually acting on those terms is something most providers do. We have one alternative that we think is more straightforward, but, as I pointed out in the paragraph above, mileage does vary.

Good luck to you!


22 March 2011 - 4:33pm


Axiatel values feedback of its customers and would welcome suggestions to the service improvement through its contact forms. Normally, when the service users go beyond the package limit, to stop overcharge, the accounts are blocked and users are informed about it. However, sometimes there are other sources of sending too much faxes - like choosing enhanced resolution (which takes 3 times more time than standard) instead of standard one (up to 60 sec). This is well communicated in the clients' interface. Sending faxes beyond free 60 countries and premium numbers that are not included in the package equally can cause the extra charge, and this is on the website as well.

To answer the question posted here, the info could be found on Axiatel T&C: http://www.axiatel.com/au/en/general-conditions.php

Financial conditions 12, point 8.
"Each page transmitted,either received or sent, corresponds to one unit (i.e. one page) and 60 seconds' transmission. Beyond one page (one unit) and 60 seconds, two units are charged to the Customer, then one additional unit for every 60 seconds after that. This deduction also applies for transmissions not included in the pack."

Axiatel Customer Service remains at your disposition and could offer upgrade you to a bigger package that might suit better for your need. Please get in touch through your interface, we will be happy to assist you. Thank you.

24 March 2011 - 9:50pm

Overage issues are definitely a common problem among fax to email providers, but there is no excuse if the company didn't at least include some fine print on their website with respect to what actually counts as a "page".

You should definitely take a look at www.FaxitFast.com - They are one of the very few providers that does not charge customers based on "send time". If you look at their pricing page, you can see they count a "page" as the actual number of pages in the fax and don't charge customers based on send time. Ultimately that seems more fair considering most fax packages are advertised with a certain number of inbound / outbound fax "pages"... With FaxitFast.com, you are only charged for the actual number of pages used being used in inbound / outbound faxes.

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