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I am the Marketing Manager for iSendit and wanted to respond to this posting.

We have been in business since 1992 and provide broadcast Internet faxing, mass email, and soon Fax to Email and web based direct mail.

Our client list includes 3 of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the US, the top 2 wireless carriers in the United States, one of the largest domestic car manufacturers, and numerous other businesses, chambers, associations, and goverment agencies across the United States.

Highlights of our system include:

1. Web based and requires no software and no separate fax line
2. Online, real time reporting of your email and fax jobs
3. Secure SSL 128 bit encrypted connection
4. Support text, HTML, Word and other document formats
5. Schedule your communications to begin at any time
6. Optionally block delivery from occuring during specific hours
7. Automatic duplicate suppression for recipients appearing on multiple lists
8. Segment your lists up to 1000 ways
9. Individualized addressing - no recipient will see another's email address
10. For fax, use banner personalization or use a custom cover page

If you are interested in seeing what people have been saying about iSendit in the news, please feel free to visit the following press release links.

Thank you.

Chris Conroy
iSendit Marketing

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PRESS RELEASE - Enhances Mass Email and Broadcast Fax Service

iSendit has once again added several new and innovative features to further enhance the client user experience for its web based broadcast fax and broadcast email services. iSendit enhanced its web services with True-Preview Thumbnails, so iSendit’s users can quickly see what their documents will look like prior to the actual fax broadcast or email broadcast transmission. iSendit also added enhanced recipient list management features including advanced list segmentation, maintenance and list removal directly from the iSendit web site. iSendit has also upgraded its servers to improve the speed at which the system operates.

Link to full press release

President's Message:

Date: September 20, 2006
From: Gary S. Rosner, President & CEO of iSendit.Com
To: New Customers

For a limited time, iSendit is offering a FREE Fax Broadcast to new customers so that we can introduce you to the power of iSendit's messaging services. No Risk. No Obligation. Broadcast up to 250 faxes.

iSendit's Fax Messaging Service includes:

  • Free List Segmentation
  • Automated Deduplication
  • Fast Fax Previews
  • Stored Lists
  • Word and Excel Compatibility
  • Email Job Confirmation
  • Secure, Fast and Convenient
To sign up please please call 800-945-3291 and ask for Gary; or email us at \[\]\[/EMAIL\] iSendit...Messaging Made Really Easy!


At last, iSendit introduces a brand new website with great new pricing packages. Check it out at