This document details how long we store account information.

Billing data

Billing data, such as invoices, receipts, payment records, etc. are stored indefinitely. Such data may include personally-identifiable information such as the contact person’s name and their email address, and business address at the time of issuing the invoice.

Operational data

  • Operational data, such as fax transactions (but not fax images) are stored for one year.
  • Fax images sent through the web fax form are stored for 24 hours.
  • Fax images received through the Fax Tester service are stored for 30 days.

Security audit trail

All user actions within an account are logged for security audit purposes. Such data is stored for 90 days.


We perform backups of various aspects of the system for disaster recovery purposes. Backups retain information which is no older than that detailed above.

This policy is subject to change.