What additional, useful internet fax resources are available?

tpc.int - The only continuously, completely-free internet fax service on the web.

Internet Fax FAQ - Answers the question "How can I send a fax from the internet?".

eFax - The world's most popular internet fax service with millions of users.

Internet Fax section in the Open Directory (DMOZ).

Is it secure to use an internet fax service provider?

Security is a relative issue and there are several layers of security to consider when using an internet fax service provider. Depending on issues inherent in internet faxing and on providers' specific features, it is then up to you to compare your alternatives as opposed to using a service.

Both for inbound service and for outbound service, there are these issues to consider:

How do I use my computer for faxing?

Please see the following questions:

  1. How do I send faxes from my computer?
  2. How do I receive faxes into my computer?

Can I use an internet fax service if my computer is on an office network (LAN)?

Usually, yes. Internet fax services normally work through email - faxes received for you are forwarded to you as attachments by email, faxes you send are accepted from you by email.

For fax transmission, make sure that your network administrator hasn't set the limit for outbound attachment sizes too low for you to send your documents. For fax reception, make sure that your network administrator allows inbound attachments, and doesn't mark TIF attachments as viruses or spam.

Are there different types of services for different types of clients?

Internet faxing services can be divided into three groups, each of which has a different usage pattern and volume requirement. The three groups are:

Home User or SOHO* User - These are typically low volume users. They need to send or receive faxes only occasionally, and might prefer not to pay a monthly subscription to get service. If you're in this group, you may want to look at providers like eFax and Callwave.

Are there any free internet fax services available?

Free internet fax services were all the rage during the dotcom boom days. However, since then, the number of free providers has been going down steadily. One non-commercial service which seems to continue operating is http://ww.tpc.int.

Other free providers may be found at www.savetz.com/fax.

Can I use my DSL / ADSL / ISDN / cable broadband internet connection to fax?

Generally speaking, no, not without an external internet fax service.

Your DSL / ADSL / ISDN / cable broadband internet connection will normally be a data connection to which you are connected with a data modem (not data/fax modem). This means that you can only send and receive data from your internet service provider (ISP) on this line, and cannot send and receive faxes*.

This is faxbeep.

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