Can I send faxes directly from Office suites, such as Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office 2003 lets users send faxes directly from within the application suite, after registering with an internet fax provider. Here's how they describe it on their website:

Fax Through the Internet, Not Your Modem

Fax Broadcasting - what are the alternatives to using an internet fax service?

Fax Broadcasting refers to sending out a large quantity of faxes, usually faxing the same document to a large list of recipients. The document may include variable fields to address each recipient by name and company.

It is possible to use an internet faxing service for fax broadcasting, however, this may become unwieldly for lists of over 1,000 recipients. In such cases you might be interested in handing the job over to an outsourced service.

How do I know that my fax has been sent or has failed?

Normally, a fax service provider will have several way of notifying you whether your fax has been sent or has failed. The most common ways are:

  1. By return email - with this method, once your fax has gone through successfully or has failed, an email is sent back to you telling you the result of the transmission.
  2. Through a browser-based management interface - with this method, you can log into an internet-based account and see your list of outgoing faxes. The status of each individual fax will be visible there.

Can I run a fax blast through an internet fax service?

Yes, most of the services in our internet fax service list will allow you to simultaneously send faxes to more than one recipient.  This allows you to create fax blasts (or fax broadcasts), for example, to notify your clients of new products, price list updates, etc.

Note that there might be restrictions on unsolicited fax advertisement in your location, so it's best to become informed.

Each provider will have his own method of enabling fax broadcasts, but broadly speaking there are several methods:

How do I send a fax from my computer?

There are three ways of sending faxes from your personal computer:

  1. Using a (hardware) fax modem installed in your computer, along with faxing software (which may come with your operating system).
  2. Using a fax server installed on your network.
  3. Using an external internet fax service provider.

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