Fake Fax Number

Why you might want a fake fax number

There are multiple reasons why you might need a fake fax number. These include:

  1. Testing a fax machine's transmission capabilities
  2. Testing a fax machine's reception capabilities
  3. Protecting your privacy
  4. Avoiding spam and scams that come with giving out your real fax number

Testing a fax machine


If you need to test a fax machine's transmission capabilities, you might need a fake fax number to send it to. Or you might be a developer building a faxing-related app who needs to test his code.

You could sign up with one of the many online fax-to-mail service providers to get a fake number, but that would be an expensive and tedious exercise. Lucky for you, we at faxbeep.com offer a better way. Just use the numbers below to send any random fax to and we’ll just delete it immediately.

Once your fax has gone through, take a look at your fax machine’s little screen to see if it’s received a confirmation. If it has, your fax is in working order.

🇺🇸 US fake fax number

1 (806) 905-6421

🇬🇧 UK fake fax number

(Coming soon)

🇦🇺 Australia fake fax number

(Coming soon)

🇳🇿 New Zealand fake fax number

(Coming soon)


If you need to test a fax machine's reception capabilities, you need something that will send a fax to your fax number. There are several online services we have found from which you could send a fax to your number at no cost. They are:


Protecting your privacy

A fake fax number can help protect your privacy by masking your real phone number. When you send a fax, the recipient will see the fake fax number instead of your actual phone number. This can help keep your personal information private and prevent others from contacting you directly.

Avoiding spam

Another advantage of using a fake fax number is that it can help you avoid spam faxes. By using a fake fax number, you can reduce the chances of receiving unsolicited faxes. This can help save you time and hassle and keep your inbox clutter-free.


Do you have any other uses for fake fax numbers? Or can you recommend online services that implement them? Or do you have any questions about their use? Contact us to talk about it!