Is Nextiva vfax safe?

People are always looking for information before they trust their sensitive information with an online service. They want to make sure that they are dealing with reputable businesses, and that their sensitive information they entrust the provider with will be kept safe.

Specifically, when asking "Is Nextiva safe?", we want to know the answers to several questions:

  • What is this company's reputation?
  • Will my fax communications through them remain private?
  • Is the service reliable?
  • Can I cancel my subscription without being held like a prisoner?

We're going to answer these questions by researching objective, third-party metrics.

Among other approaches, we'll summarize what people are saying about Nextiva online, what reviews it's getting, how much traffic it's getting from search engines, what the site's safety rating is, and more.

Nextiva Reputation and Safety Review

Google Safe Browsing
Norton Safe Web
Trend Micro Safety
URLVoid Blacklist Status
Consumer Affairs
Scam Adviser


Combined reputation and safety score


Company reputation

The company scores a consistently high score. It appears that it has improved its customer service approach significantly over the past few years. Complaints, where they exist, seem to be concentrated around their difficult cancellation policies.

Site security

The site scores consistently highly across all security review sites.

Privacy Policy

Consistent with general practices in the online fax industry.


No adverse findings.

Cancellation Policy

This seems to be the main sticking point with Nextiva, and where it gets its low BBB rating from.

Most of the complaints recorded across review sites allege billing disputes or difficulty canceling accounts, such as double billing on credit cards which are not reimbursed.

Multiple reviewers complain about the company's policy of requiring subscribers to contact support to cancel and account. The company claims that "for security reasons" it does not enable subscribers to cancel through their accounts settings, as is common in most other online services. Reviewers claim that this is just a deliberate obstacle on the way to leaving the service.