Pay per use fax service

Pay As You Go Fax

Are you looking for a way to send faxes without having to pay an ongoing subscription? A pay-as-you-go online fax service is an easy way to send faxes without having to pay monthly bills. It simply lets you send your fax directly from your computer with just a little information about the recipient.

Also called pay-per-use fax service, it is usually very cheap compared to the alternatives of:

  • Finding and using a fax machine at your local print shop
  • Finding and using a fax machine at a nearby business center
  • Using a subscription-based online fax service.

There are multiple ways to send faxes online. A pay-as-you-go fax service is one of the best ways to avoid any unexpected charges or fees, and it’s just as effective as subscription-based service. Here are 7 providers that offer this type of service.

You can send as many faxes as you need, usually for around a dollar per fax. This feature makes it perfect for those who don’t have a fax machine or those who only require such services on irregular occasions and don’t want to commit to a subscription.

This pricing mode is especially good for people who just need to quickly send documents to companies, banks, and government offices domestically or internationally. is a pay-as-you-go service, which will let you send faxes to any destination worldwide, and only charge you for the number of pages you actually send. In fact, if your fax has multiple pages, and some or all of those pages fail to go through, faxbeep will only charge you for successfully-transmitted pages.

Pay-as-you-go fax service providers at a glance

Price for
domestic fax
Price for
international fax
faxbeepπŸ‘ NoWherever
the user is
$0.95 for first 3 pages$0.25 for first 3 pages
$0.12 per add’l page
GotFreeFaxπŸ‘ NoUSA$0.95 for 3 pages
HelloSign FaxπŸ‘Ž YesUSA$0.95 for 3 pages
faxZeroπŸ‘ NoUSA & CanadaFree: 3 page-fax, up to 2 times a day, but fax has ads
Paid: $0.95 for 3 pages, “priority handling”
$2.55 for first 4 pages, $1.25 thereafter