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Interesting responses to the "Fax - Why" question by multiple contributors on reddit:

User HeadacheCentral says:

The legal profession has a massive reluctance to move away from printed documents.


User Giblet15 says:

Fax is considered an acceptable medium to transmit information covered by HIPAA, email is not.


User Serpentine-uk says:

fax machines are used in Law firms here in Great Britain primarily because they allow for indisputable means of communication (in English Law anyway) - you send someone a document and they cannot deny receiving it with fax


User ojioni says:

Japanese companies are still addicted to fax. I do not know why.


To which Kiernian responds:

Probably because you can use your hanko on faxed paperwork, then fax it back "signed" with your own personal seal.


(By "hanko" he's referring to Japanese personal seals).

Use faxbeep to fax signed documents.

Image credit: Jason Michael on Flickr

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