faxbeep.com User Guide

This document describes how to send a fax using the faxbeep.com online fax service.

1. Enter the destination fax number:

How To Send A Fax 3

2. Optionally, attach a file:

File 1 can be your own fax cover page, File 2 the document to fax as in our example image below. If you have more than two files to fax, merge them or re-scan using the create multi-page document option on your scanner. Scan in black and white mode at 300 DPI, then, optimize for web or compress using your scanner software to reduce the file size if necessary. The combined file size limit is 10MB, more than enough space to fit 100 pdf pages. Accepted file types are: pdf, doc, docx, tif, tiff, xls, xslx, ppt, ppsx, txt, jpeg, and jpg. Notice that this section is all about the Files To Fax.

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Enter your Full Name and Telephone number similar to the example below. Telephone is a required field because you don't want the receiver calling us now do you? Enter a Company name if you need to do that. If you reserved a Fax Number enter the number here so that the receiver has it in hand. Notice that this section is all about you the Sender.

Enter the Full Name and optional Company to which you will send a fax. Here we separate the Country Code from the Fax Number. Select a country name and country code from the drop down box. In the example image below we selected United States (+1). Fax Number should not include any country, access or exit codes (001, 011, etc) because you are not sending the fax from your country. You may enter ( ) - and space characters to help both yourself and our support team understand where the fax is trying to go. Notice that this section is all about them the Receiver.

3. Optionally, select to add a cover page:

How To Send A Fax 2

Note that while both steps above say "Optionally", either an attachment or a cover page must be chosen to be able to proceed and preview a fax.

4. Click "Preview" to preview your fax and price:

Send this fax automatically after I pay is always recommended. If you lose your internet connection, forget to return to our site after making a payment, and so on we have you covered. Our online fax service will automatically make three attempts to send your fax. You can uncheck this box to pay now and later login within 24 hours to send your fax from the my faxes page. Notify me by email upon success or failure is also highly recommended. We will not spam you, we are only trying to do our job here! Our email notices look similar to a traditional fax machine transmission report.

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Add a cover page option will open additional text boxes in which you may enter a Subject and cover page Message. When you finish and click Preview Fax, you will see that our fax cover page absolutely does not contain any form of logo or advertising (as do other online fax services). No files, cover page only as the name suggests, lets you fax a quick note to someone without having to upload any files.

5. Click "Pay $(amount) and Fax"

This send a fax tutorial covered the how to and not the Fax.Asia online fax service features and frequently asked questions. You may wish to review the following web pages prior to sending your first fax online.

6. Track your fax on the tracking page

7. Receive a confirmation via email