Post on reddit /rsysadmin: Fax – Why?

Interesting responses to the “Fax – Why” question by multiple contributors on reddit: User HeadacheCentral says: The legal profession has a massive reluctance to move away from printed documents. HeadacheCentral…

Reasons Why Fax Machines Are Still Relevant In 2021

In summary: – You can send messages to incomplete addresses– Messages don’t get lost– It’s remained surprisingly modern– It provides confirmation pages– Due to the bandwagon effect, almost every business…

German parliament to stop using fax machines

… the fax machine can no longer stay on the scene at the Bundestag from the start of the next legislative period, the chamber’s Council of Elders decided… But: Left…

Why People Still Fax – Benefits of Fax

In summary: Faxing Is Fast and Easy Security Electronic Signature Source:

Fax is growing in popularity

March 10, 2019 – Faxing remains alive and well, especially in Japan and Germany — and in major sectors of the U.S. economy, such as health care and financial services….