We all know that the world has gone digital and everything can be done online now – from angling to zoology. However, faxing is still alive and well today for a variety of reasons, not least of which is insitutional habit and inertia.

Are fax machines still relevant in 2023?

Faxing is being pushed out by ubiquitous internet access to email from telephones, laptops, and smartphones. But here are a few reasons people are still using faxing technology instead of going fully digital.

  1. Faxing technology and protocols are secure against malicious attack.
  2. It is a HIPAA-compliant means to share Protected Health Information.
  3. Paper records and forms persist in many physicians’ offices, clinics and healthcare facilities.
  4. Despite the growing use of Electronic Health Records, the healthcare industry still suffers from incompatibility and lack of interoperability. Faxing medical records is a low common denominator.
  5. Regulatory guideline compliance.
  6. It is a cheap and simple backup platform to when the internet occasionally goes down.
  7. Legal discovery significantly relies on a paper trail.
  8. Japanese, Chinese, and Korean characters are often handwritten.
  9. It’s an easy way to send signatures.

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