Federal Lawsuit Documents Alleged Violations of Antitrust, Trademark, and Patent Laws

MIAMI -- (Business Wire)-- July 10, 2006 -- A Federal lawsuit filed in the Southern District Court of Florida by Venali, Inc. against J2 Global Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:JCOM) and Catch Curve, Inc. accuses J2 and Catch Curve of violations of Federal antitrust, trademark competitiveness, and patent laws. The suit alleges that J2, the manufacturer of the popular eFax Internet faxing service, and Catch Curve engaged in illegal activity, including antitrust actions, to unfairly compete in the SOHO Internet Fax market. The suit further maintains that J2 committed fraud on the United States Patent Office, utilized fraudulent and invalid patents to file patent infringement litigation in an attempt to harass competitors, and willfully infringed trademark rights of competitors.

According to Pasquale Giordano, the CEO of Venali, Inc., "J2 has engaged in illegal, anticompetitive behavior that has resulted in inflated prices for Internet faxing services and has reduced competition in the marketplace. The United States antitrust laws are designed to prevent just such behavior so that consumers are not forced to purchase an inferior service merely because a market bully has acted illegally to quash competition."

This is faxbeep.

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