Our online dummy fax number provides a quick and easy online visual confirmation for testing your fax machine’s functionality. By using our service, you can quickly verify if your device is set up correctly and ready to send and receive faxes without having to rely on friends, business clients, or relatives as test recipients.

Need to quickly run a fax test by faxing to a dummy fax number? We’ve got you covered. The fax test service offers numbers in the US and the UK for you to test with. Send a fax to one of these numbers, and it will appear on this page below within seconds.

🇺🇸 US test fax number🇬🇧 UK test fax number
If dialed locally1 (929) 207-0142(020) 380-89435
If dialed internationally
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🇺🇸 US test fax number
1 (929) 207-0142
🇬🇧 UK test fax number
(020) 3808 9435

Our service provides a dummy fax number that enables you to test your fax machine without sharing a personal number.

Whether you’re setting up a new fax machine or checking the performance of an existing one, our Fax Tester service is a great solution.

If you just need to test a fax machine, you might need a dummy fax number to send it to. Or you might be a developer building a faxing-related app who needs to test his code.

You could sign up with one of the many online fax-to-mail service providers to get a dummy number, but that would be an expensive and tedious exercise. Lucky for you, at faxbeep.com we offer a better way. Just use the number above to send any random fax to and we’ll display it here, and remove it automatically after 30 days.

Once your fax has gone through, take a look at your fax machine’s little screen to see if it’s received a confirmation. If it has, your fax is in working order.

A Light-Hearted Suggestion: Our dummy fax number can also serve as a fun way to test your skills in writing a fax in a foreign language or even in code! Send us a test fax with your best attempt and see if the translation comes through clearly.

How to test your fax machine on a dummy fax number

  • 1. Prepare your test fax

    Create a single-page or multi-page black & white test fax. The content of the fax is irrelevant for this test, so feel free to be creative. You can also just use a blank page, but this will give you less information.

  • 2. Send the test fax

    Send your test fax to one of our numbers: +19292070142 or +442038089435 from the fax device you wish to test. These dummy numbers in the US and the UK, respectively, but you can dial them from anywhere in the world.

  • 3. Await fax arrival

    After sending your fax, wait a minute or two for it to appear on this page below. During this time our system processes your fax for display.

  • 4. Review your received fax

    Refresh this page to see your fax appear on this page, check it, noting the orientation, quality, masked sender number and your sender ID.

  • 5. Troubleshoot

    If your fax doesn’t appear after a few minutes, review your fax settings, ensuring everything is configured correctly, and try again.

Privacy note: Any fax sent to the dummy fax number service remains publicly visible for 30 days, after which it is automatically deleted. If you would like a fax to be removed earlier, contact us.

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