Need to quickly check your fax machine by faxing to a test number? We’ve got you covered. We have numbers in the US and the UK for you to test with. Send a fax to one of these numbers, and it will appear on this page below within seconds.

Our user-friendly Fax Test Service is a reliable and convenient way to ensure your fax machine or multifunction printer is functioning correctly. Give it a try now!

🇺🇸 US test fax number🇬🇧 UK test fax number
If dialed locally1 (929) 207-0142(020) 380-89435
If dialed internationally
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🇺🇸 US test fax number
1 (929) 207-0142
🇬🇧 UK test fax number
(020) 3808-9435

How to test your fax machine

  • 1. Prepare your test fax

    Create a single-page or multi-page black & white test fax. The content of the fax is irrelevant for this test, so feel free to be creative. You can also just use a blank page, but this will give you less information.

  • 2. Send the test fax

    Send your test fax to +19292070142 or +442038089435 from the fax machine or multifunction printer you wish to test. These numbers in the US and the UK, respectively, but you can dial them from anywhere in the world.

  • 3. Await fax arrival

    After sending your fax, wait a minute or two, then refresh this page for it to appear on this page below. During this time our system processes your fax for display.

  • 4. Review your received fax

    Once your fax appears on the page, check it, noting the orientation, quality, masked sender number and your sender ID.

  • 5. Troubleshoot

    If your fax doesn’t appear after a few minutes, review your fax settings, ensuring everything is configured correctly, and try again.

Our Fax Tester service is designed to help you evaluate the performance of your fax machine or printer with ease and confidence. By utilizing our unique online platform, you can send a test fax and view the received fax right on our website, ensuring that your device is functioning as expected.

Whether you’re setting up a new fax machine or fine-tuning an existing one, our Fax Tester service offers an efficient and reliable way to assess your device’s performance without involving friends, family, or business associates.

A Playful Proposition: Our Fax Tester service can also be used for a bit of friendly competition. Challenge your coworkers or friends to a ‘fax-off’ by sending test faxes with your best jokes or riddles. Compare the received faxes on our website and see whose wit translates best through the fax machine. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also ensure your device is working flawlessly.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) provides a US-based fax test number to help their customers check if their fax machines are working properly. To use this service, you can send a fax to 1-888-HPFaxme or 1-888-473-2963. Within a few minutes, HP’s fax test service will send a return fax to you, confirming that your machine is working properly. It’s an easy way to ensure your fax machine is set up correctly. For more details, you can visit the official HP support documentation on their website at HP Fax Test Service.

The Canon test fax service is a tool that allows users to verify the functionality of their fax machines. To use this service, you need to program your full 10-digit fax number into your fax machine and then send a test fax to the number 1-855-FX-CANON (1-855-392-2666). Once the service receives your fax, a test page will be sent back to the fax number programmed into your machine. This process generally takes 2 to 3 minutes. For more information, you can refer to the Canon’s documentation [PDF].

Australian telecoms provider Telstra’s test fax service is a useful tool for verifying the functionality of your fax machine. To use this service, you need to dial 1300 368 999 (in Australia) or +61396400999 from your fax machine. When prompted, enter the 10-digit fax number to which you want to send your test fax, then press the # key.

Unfortunately, at the time of update of this page, the service is no longer functional. Updates are welcome.

Privacy note: Any fax sent to the fax tester service remains publicly visible for 30 days, after which it is automatically deleted. If you need a fax removed sooner, contact us.

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